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Quote for Services Incl VAT?

I have recently quoted for providing some training services (on an email), I neglected to note whether the quote includes or excludes VAT. We are VAT registered and the training was for a large company, can we still add VAT to the invoice? I am concerned that I may annoy the company which may loose

6 days, 16 hours in Entrepreneurial & Business Management by kig 7 Replies 135 Views

WiFi Connection Issues

We have recently had some issues with a number of devices connecting to the wifi in our house. I had an old Samsung mobile which started giving trouble connecting so I replaced it, it was only after that that my wife said she had the same problems with her new Huawei mobile and her Kindle fire table

2 months in Broadband by kig 1 Reply

Car insurance for a UK imported car

I am looking at replacing my car, and was wondering whether insurance premiums are higher if the car is an imported car than for an irish car. Why do the insurance companies ask that question? Should I keep away from imports?

2 months, 2 weeks in Insurance - Aircraft, Maritime & Motor by kig 1 Reply 55 Views

Property Tax on Estates

Property tax on houses in estates which haven't been taken over by the county council should be exempt or very reduced. We pay almost €600 per year as a levy for our estate which is now 15yrs+ old, South Dublin County Council was supposed to take over the roads and common areas, but never did so we

3 months in Taxation by kig

Car Insurance renewal rip-off

We have just had our renewal quote (if you can call it that) for my wife's car. We had a claim for a small fender bender in 2017, the first and only claim in 19yrs. Last year our renewal was €1391, this year €2011. Our problem is that the car is 2005 and one of the named drivers is under 25. So now

3 months, 1 week in Insurance - Aircraft, Maritime & Motor by kig 8 Replies 354 Views

Changing Brokers?

Hi, we have a number of Life Insurance & Pensions which we took out through a broker a number of years ago (15+ yrs). We are not very happy with the service we are getting from them and would like to change to a different broker or even the the respective companies eg. Irish Life. Is this even possi

3 months, 1 week in Banking & Insurance & Pensions by kig 3 Replies

Is a Crown required with Root Canal

Is a crown always required if you have a root canal. I went to the dentist and he started the root canal treatment, need to go back in 2-3 weeks time for completion, but then he says that I need a crown. This more than doubles what I was expecting to pay, and I can't afford that at this stage, so ma

5 months, 1 week in Dental Issues by kig 4 Replies

Eircode puzzle

I have just complained to An Post about a undelivered package which didn't have our house number, but had everything else correctly addressed including the eircode. Their reply was that they do not use eircode for deliveries. What is the point of eircode if our postal system doesn't use eircode?

6 months, 2 weeks in Accommodation & Property by kig 46 Replies - Be Aware!

I bought a shower tray off these crooks. When I unwrapped it, it had a crack across a corner. After a lot of unanswered phone calls, emails, and finally a letter, they replied over a month after I notified them of the problem, and said that because it had been so long there was nothing to be done, b

9 months in DIY by kig 1 Reply

Damaged Shower Tray

I bought a shower tray from -snip- , it lay on my floor flat and completely wrapped as it came for about 2 weeks until I was ready, but when I opened it it had a crack across one corner. I have tried to contact them to get it replaced but it is impossible to get them, the closest I got was an online

9 months, 2 weeks in Construction & Planning by kig 1 Reply 33 Views

Water Supply Pipe Puzzle

I have 2 stopcocks in my hot press, one marked cold and the other hot. The cold stopcock shuts down the cold water supply throughout the house, except for the kitchen and the en-suite shower (which has it's own cold water supply stopcock). But when I turn off the 'hot' stopcock nothing seems to happ

10 months, 2 weeks in Plumbing & Heating by kig 11 Replies

Amazon shopping

I am looking at buying some electronic goods over Amazon, i've looked at the various european amazon sites, and it is a fair amount cheaper buying through or, than, and I have been stung before by import duties on buying from (although they appear to be ch

1 year, 3 months in Online Buying & Auctions by kig 1 Reply

Airline tickets bought online

I bought tickets for the family to go to a wedding, I decided afterwards that I would like to stay a bit longer. I bought the tickets through, and paid extra for the Premium Service, which is supposed to make changes possible without additional fees, and I should only have to pay the d

1 year, 3 months in Consumer Issues by kig 4 Replies

Woodies Are Not Too Be Trusted - Be Warned!

I bought a Rok drill from you in 04/16. The documentation clearly states that it has a 2yr guarantee, however when I went to Woodies in Sandyford this morning I was told that Woodies only offer a 1yr guarantee and are not able to help me at all. They would not even give be a contact for Rok. On the

1 year, 5 months in DIY by kig 26 Replies

Motor Accident

My daughter was involved in a minor accident with a taxi. The taxi had minor damage (a small chip on his bumper) whereas my daughter's car is old, he hit it from the side, and caused a fair amount of damage. Because her car is old the insurance co. doesn't want to fix it but rather scrap the car. We

1 year, 7 months in Legal Discussion by kig 77 Replies