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Small cafe needs sounds system

Hello small cafe opening in next few days and the owners needs a sound system to play spotify music off cafe wi-fi. any suggestions? thanks in advance

2 months, 3 weeks in by nice_guy80 3 Replies 37 Views 1 Thank

Small Sound system for cafe

Hi, need a bit of advice I have been asked to help look for/install a small sound system for a small cafe that a buddy of mine is opening soon. the owner hopes to play music from spotify account off a laptop or tablet and get a dual licence for the location. wireless would probably be the best

2 months, 4 weeks in Audio Amplifiers & Speakers by nice_guy80 11 Replies

Shoulder Injury Surgeon recommendation

Hello Could anyone recommend a shoulder surgeon/expert in Dublin? For an injury sustained in gym a while back. Thanks

6 months in Fitness by nice_guy80 3 Replies

Sinn Fein are holding all our futures hostage

I just cannot get my head around Sinn Feins absenteeism policy in Westminster in light of the shenanigans going on. Do they not realise that they are betraying all the people north and south who have given them a vote? We face into Brexit, which will have HUGE implications for everyone north and so

10 months in After Hours by nice_guy80 1 Reply

Looks like the teachers aren't so lazy... 3rd in the World in Literacy. Nice early xmas present for Irish primary school teachers. I await the congratulations from all those who have disparaged teachers on the AH forum. Well done to all the hard working teachers

1 year, 5 months in After Hours by nice_guy80 155 Replies 7,229 Views 53 Thanks

gymnastics in school

Hello, could someone point me in the right direction for some basic gymnastics exercises you could do with young primary school children? videos or lesson plans etc thanks in advance

1 year, 1 month in Yoga & Pilates by nice_guy80

Decent cup holder

Hello looking to get a decent cup holder for my car (Citroen C5) I get a cup of coffee maybe once in a blue moon, but I've nowhere to put it as Citroen decided in their genius to put the cup holder under the armrest between the two seats - clueless any suggestions? cheers

1 year, 2 months in Upgrades & Audio by nice_guy80 2 Replies 10 Views

GAA grounds open to other sports? Congress 2018

Did I read correctly that a decision was passed at congress allowing clubs to open their grounds to other sports?? How did that fly in under the radar and not get coverage in the media?

1 year, 2 months in GAA by nice_guy80 3 Replies

Judges against new appointments process - great!! Great to see the judges coming out against this proposed new system for appointing them If they are against it, then I'm all for it

1 year, 10 months in After Hours by nice_guy80 77 Replies 2,457 Views 16 Thanks

Alternatives to dormer windows

Hello. we are currently finalising a house design and we want to bring in plenty of light to upstairs rooms of a 1 and 1/2 story house we not big fans of dormer windows due to the 'tunnel' like box that has to be made for them we've been looking at using a single velux vertical and roof wind

1 year, 5 months in Arch Tech by nice_guy80 15 Replies

Astra alternator issue

Hello any idea how much it might be to replace an alternator on a 2011 1.7 cdti Opel astra? missus' car is on the blink cheers

1 year, 9 months in DIY Car Maintenance & Repair by nice_guy80 4 Replies 48 Views

Reduce Capital Gains to get housing onto market?

Minister for Housing Simon Coveney could solve the housing crisis "immediately" by changing the Capital Gains Tax rate, according to a proposal from a Fianna Fáil senator. Senator Aidan Davitt has written to Minister Coveney suggesting that the minister has "a tool at his discretion to immediately

2 years in Politics Cafe (Archive) by nice_guy80 25 Replies 184 Views

Boss kept staff xmas presents for herself

My wife works in a creche. She enjoys working with the kids Basically the boss/owner treats the staff like crap. The staff do all the work. Go to courses on their own time. Prepare plans, resources etc in their own time. They are paid almost minimum wage, unpaid holidays, crappy buildings, no photo

2 years, 4 months in After Hours by nice_guy80 138 Replies 13,090 Views 2 Thanks

IBRC Sale of Siteserv at €100 million loss.

What is going on here then? Siteserv was sold by tax payer owned IBRC to a company owned by Mr Denis O'Brien for a loss of €100 million to the taxpayer, based on the debts that Siteserv owed. The minister for finance apparently knew nothing of this large deal/loss at the time. http://www.rte

4 years in Politics (Archive) by nice_guy80 237 Replies 10,704 Views 21 Thanks

When was the last time you picked up a hitcher?

Picked up two lads in Moycullen yesterday on the way into Galway for the evening. They said it was hard to get a lift. I spent my youth hitching lifts all over Ireland. Before the motorway network it was nearly quicker to thumb than to get a bus Eireann bus When was the last time you picked u

2 years, 5 months in Motors by nice_guy80 49 Replies 2,734 Views 1 Thank