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Unable to locate plot in Griffith's

I'm trying to locate a parcel of land listed in Griffith's Valuation but it doesn't seem to exist. This is the link to the search. It's the second record listed, for John Brennock, 16b. This is the listing And this is the map

5 months, 3 weeks in Genealogy by Ponster 5 Replies

Z370 or H370 motherboard?

So it's time to upgrade the 'ol gaming PC. While it still do the job in terms of getting me the FPS that I need I've recently made some investments that means that my CPU has become the bottleneck and so it's time to replace the core components. I currently have an i5 3570k with 16Gb DDR3 @ 933Mhz

10 months, 2 weeks in PC Building & Upgrading by Ponster 5 Replies

Share your travel photos

With people planning to head away on holidays while others are just coming back, we thought that we'd give you a place to share some of your favourite holiday photos. Thanks to miamee for the suggestion. Just a couple of guidelines.. Consider using an image hosting service such as https://imgbb.c

1 year, 10 months in Travel by Ponster 4 Replies 5,952 Views 1 Thank

Glen Campbell - Adios

I was going to put this into the "What are you listening to thread" but I thought it deserves a thread of it's own. Glen Campbell, one of the greats of country music, has released a new single, from his soon to be released album. When I first heard this I thought "Glen Campbell is still alive?!?" S

1 year, 11 months in Country Music by Ponster 1 Reply 1 Thank

BREW Your Own - Magazine

I lived in the US until recently and spoilt in terms of choices of homebrew walk-in stores, places offering lessons and magazines. When I moved back to europe I was surprised to find that there wasn't a frequent homebrew magazine where I could read up on recipies and tips. Sure there's a whole lot o

2 years, 7 months in Home Brewing by Ponster 6 Replies 145 Views 1 Thank

Eve Online - Free to Play

With all the talk being around space MMOs these days it's good to know that the old reliable is still kicking. We used to have an EVE forum I think and then just a thread in the Mass Multiplayer forum but I thought that this news deserved a little advertisement. From November EVE will have a free-

2 years, 8 months in PC Gaming by Ponster 15 Replies 148 Views 1 Thank

Travelling to Vegas soon? Fancy some $$?

I've just gone through my suitcase and found $40 in Cashout Vouchers from NYNY ($26) and the Monte Carlo ($13) from my trip there last month. If anyone is interested I'd happily post them on to them :)

2 years, 5 months in United States by Ponster

The impact of BREXIT on ELT

Very interesting article here that may not apply to Irish teachers but is worth the read...

2 years, 10 months in Teaching Abroad by Ponster 43 Views 1 Thank

The Grainfather

Nothing really to say besides that I've just bit the bullet and splashed out on a Grainfather which should arrive sometime next week. This is a step up from plastic buckets and SS brew pots but I'll report back here on how things work out should anyone else be tempted by one in the future

3 years, 6 months in Home Brewing by Ponster 19 Replies 244 Views 4 Thanks

Help with reading cert

On this marriage cert I'm trying to make out the surname of the father of the bride. Here is a link to the full cert to compare letters: The cert dates from 1874 and the lady is most likely Welsh. You can see that she was previously mar

2 years, 11 months in Genealogy by Ponster 3 Replies

Budget Gaming PC <600e

Been asked to put together a budget gaming PC, capable of playing The Division @ 1080 @40fps for less than 600euro. (a) I've taken the minimum spec for this game and added on a bit in terms of CPU and GFX cards. (b) He already has a case (Cooler Master Elite 241) CPU AMD FX-6350 MB MSI 970A-G

2 years, 12 months in PC Building & Upgrading by Ponster 7 Replies

Ponster's Quiz - Who's got the brains?

Because I had most of the afternoon to kill I decided to make a table of the most successful players who have so far entered the first 15 of my quizzes. For each quiz I only counted the top 10 scores. Then with some clever maths involving how many times you finished in the top ten and how many time

10 years, 7 months in Puzzles & Quizzes by Ponster 14 Replies 1,497 Views 16 Thanks

Saturday Night Show king

6 years, 11 months in Cool Vids & Pics & Links by Ponster 4 Replies 3,408 Views 8 Thanks

Quiz #15 - 2008------CLOSED

Remember this? Sorry for the long gap since the last quiz but RealLife got in the way :) The point of the game is pretty simple. In a PM to me, answer each of the 10 questions below. There are no wrong answers. The point is to give the answer that you think the majority of the people will

10 years, 3 months in Puzzles & Quizzes by Ponster 32 Replies 2,007 Views 13 Thanks

Quiz #19 - Halloween

Here we go again……….. :) Object of the game: The point of the game is pretty simple. In a PM to me, answer each of the 10 questions below. There are no wrong answers. The point is to give the most popular, correct answer that you think the majority of the people will give. So give each que

6 years, 6 months in Puzzles & Quizzes by Ponster 23 Replies 1,603 Views 6 Thanks