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Blazing Saddles RTE1

"Piss on you! I'm working for Mel Brooks!"

1 week in Television (General) by Agent Smith 101 Replies 6,466 Views 3 Thanks

Beating/Losing to Trump in 2020 for The Dems

The RVAT have a Great Ad running attacking Lindsey Graham and trump using Lindsey Grahams own words

1 week in Politics by Agent Smith 5,233 Replies 196,917 Views 2 Thanks

BANGERNOMICS (sub2k) of the week/day Part 6

My first car*! I got 500 as a trade in on mine last year, I was robbed! :pac: (*I cant see the reg number, it's entirely possiable it's mine

1 week, 6 days in Buying and Selling by Agent Smith 6,044 Replies 624,628 Views 2 Thanks

Virgin Media offering 50% of Sky Sports

Ditto, would have pulled the triger but for the lack of Sky F1

1 week, 6 days in Bargain Alerts by Agent Smith 9 Replies 1,107 Views

2020 US Presidential Election (aka: The Trump Coronation)

Neverforget #tangate (tbh, i always thought it was a nice suit.....)

2 weeks, 4 days in Current Affairs/IMHO by Agent Smith 9,920 Replies 241,785 Views

There’s a learner driver running the show.

Simpler times

2 weeks, 5 days in Farming & Forestry by Agent Smith 110 Replies 6,938 Views

F1 2020: Styrian GP (Austria, Part Zwei)

Cant believe this race isnt titled "Austria Grand Prix 2, Covid boogaloo" Serriously hoping Mclaren Continue on their upward Trajectory, I Also Wonder what odds I'd get for Vettle just binning it into a wall as a **** you to Ferarri

3 weeks, 6 days in Motorsport by Agent Smith 282 Replies 813 Views 2 Thanks

I found my old Post Office Savings Deposit Account (Green Booklet) from 1998

Would be interested to hear how much it was!

1 month, 1 week in Banking & Insurance & Pensions by Agent Smith 12 Replies

General Election and Government Formation Megathread (see post #1)

I *genuinely* do not understand the obsession with Saoirse McHugh. She's a multiple Failed candidate who's views seems to be wildly out of step with the party she's a member of. you might as well ask any party member

1 month, 2 weeks in Politics by Agent Smith 5,784 Replies 305,897 Views 4 Thanks

Car insurance - tell us your quotes/renewals

34 male, South Dublin Driving a 142 Fiesta 1.2Ltr Full Licence 2years, 4years NCB Renewal Quote with chill €608 Got Fully Comp with it' for €387* *(Put the exact same details into 25plus (came company as its4women) and got 425

1 month, 2 weeks in Insurance - Aircraft, Maritime & Motor by Agent Smith 4,628 Replies 353,712 Views

Car Insurance

i got my renewal quote from them today, €608, 2 years fully licenced, 4 years NCB, never claimed anything, Driving a 142 Fiesta, wonder if that code will work on a renewal

2 months in Bargain Alerts by Agent Smith 111 Replies 11,884 Views 1 Thank

Need some advice on my son

I did the same, £50 ( or €65) was a lot when i was 14. And it wasnt just making the tea! used to be knackered every friday! but by god I loved that envalope on a friday evening! OP, unless the work is wildly dangerous, tell him to suck it up and do it. maybe it will give him a work ethic. it did w

2 months, 1 week in Teens and Pre-Teens by Agent Smith 304 Replies 5,128 Views 2 Thanks

Formula 1 2020 - General Discussion Thread

2 months, 3 weeks in Motorsport by Agent Smith 2,751 Replies 55,270 Views

Girlfriend staying overnight with her gay friend

This is gonna be good....

2 months, 3 weeks in After Hours by Agent Smith 55 Replies 4,744 Views 1 Thank