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Dublin/Wicklow Trails For Beginners

I'd like to get back into mountain biking and I was wondering what trails would be good for a beginner in the Dublin/Wicklow areas? A few years ago I used to ride the lower trail at Ticknock. The upper trail was just too rocky for me. I believe there's a few more official trails around there along

4 weeks, 1 day in Mountain Biking by DaveyDave 5 Replies

Haggling With New Bikes?

Curious to know if haggling is common in bike shops? Thinking about getting an MTB on the bike to work scheme later in the year and wondering if I could knock a few quid off. Price range would be between €1,500-2,000. Never would have thought to haggle on a bike but someone I know got a nice discou

1 month, 2 weeks in Cycling by DaveyDave 20 Replies

PlayStation 4 Pro Not Turning On

Hi all, Posting here hoping someone can help me. I've looked at many posts on Google and none have been very helpful. The other day my PlayStation turned off randomly while playing a game. It didn't appear to be very hot and the console is quite clean. The standby light wasn't on or anything and w

3 months, 2 weeks in PlayStation by DaveyDave 6 Replies

Not at fault, Which insurance to claim off?

I've seen mixed reports regarding insurance claims recently and it's very confusing. If I'm in an accident where I'm not at fault, which insurance company do I claim from? I understand I call mine to let them know of the accident and call the Gardai if someone is injured. I've seen people sayi

6 months in Insurance - Aircraft, Maritime & Motor by DaveyDave 14 Replies 216 Views

What depth do you change tyre?

What thread depths do people change at? I hear it's recommended to change at 2-3mm. Am I correct in thinking If my tyres are rotated, the new ones will then go on the back, replacing the most worn tyres, they will then be rotated again in future so the newer ones end up on the front, and the back/

7 months, 3 weeks in Motors by DaveyDave 81 Replies 92 Views

Does this cold start sound ok?

I've had two people say this doesn't sound good. 1.0 Petrol 3 cylinder Golf. Just wondering if this is ok. Sounds a bit rattly for a minute or two until it idles down. When it's revved while rattly it stops above a certain RPM and returns when going down. It doesn't sound like this once warmed up a

10 months, 1 week in Motors by DaveyDave 29 Replies 106 Views

Game Collections & Insurance

A while ago I saw a video outlining insurance on a large collection, thousands of games, and it prompted me to start a list of my collection, whether it was CIB and the value. It got me thinking, if something happened would my collection be covered under contents insurance? Would I get the value pai

10 months, 2 weeks in Arcade & Retro by DaveyDave 25 Replies

Recordings Not Separate

So I got Sky Q today and I wasn't aware of the lack of individual user recordings. Went to watch something I downloaded earlier and all the living room programmes are on my box. I hear Sky have no plans for folders or anything. All we need is a user profile like Netflix or something. My mam records

11 months, 1 week in Sky Ireland by DaveyDave 2 Replies

Forza 6 Over Forza 7?

Hey guys, Picked up an Xbox One S and Forza 7 on Monday and while I was enjoying it, it has become boring very quickly. This is entirely due to the Homologation system which is bizarrely limiting. I was playing Forza 2 quite a bit last week and enjoyed the simplicity of it. I like the upgrade and c

11 months, 1 week in Xbox by DaveyDave 3 Replies

Sega Game Suggestions!

Hi all, Looking for some suggestions on Sega games. I have a small and varied collection, I know some games aren't great (Sonic R...) but there's a lot of stuff I've missed out on. I'm open to NTSC imports as long as the language barrier isn't an issue, eg rail shooters. I like a bit of everything

11 months, 2 weeks in Arcade & Retro by DaveyDave 22 Replies

Why Are Eir Phones So Expensive?

In the market for a new phone and as usual there's not much of a selection. Looking at the Huawei P20 and it's €700 with Eir compared to €550 on Vodafone and €560 on 3. Huge price difference, you'd be mad to actually spend that considering it's factory unlocked on Amazon for €530. I had a look at

1 year in eir by DaveyDave 2 Replies

Favourites From Your Collection

I thought I'd start a thread for people to share some of their favourite games they have, or even gotten rid of and might regret. It could be rare or expensive, a hidden gem or even something that's just easy to pick up and play. One of my favourites on the Mega Drive is Shinobi 3 Return of the Nin

1 year in Arcade & Retro by DaveyDave 13 Replies

Why do slow/nervous drivers use backroads?

This is really getting on my nerves lately. I drive the back roads to and from work, specifically the R149 from Lucan village to Clonee. As far as back roads to it's not bad. It's wide enough for box trucks and vans so no issues driving cars of any size. There's two tight bridges and two nice ever s

1 year, 5 months in Motors by DaveyDave 129 Replies 4,677 Views 13 Thanks

Why are brake discs frequently replaced?

I know this might sound like a stupid question but a few people I know mentioned the need for new discs with their pads. I've seen it mentioned here a few times too. What causes the need for the discs to be replaced? It doesn't sound like they really last too long on some cars. Is it the heat warpi

1 year, 2 months in Motors by DaveyDave 15 Replies 241 Views

Headset Disintegrated

Hi all, Went for a spin last night only to notice a lot of play in the headset. Initially thought the wheel wasn't secured properly as I replaced the tyre but it was indeed the headset. Inspected it this morning. I originally posted a thread here where the bike shop said I needed a new cassette an

1 year, 2 months in Cycling by DaveyDave 7 Replies