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Presidential Debate - Virgin media 1 - 24.10.18

Already 10 times more interesting than last night's bore fest. Matt and Ivan straight talking calling the candidates wastes of times, and stunt pullers

6 months, 3 weeks in Television (General) by Patser 1 Reply 2 Thanks

Guess what Pad_Lad *ahem*.. Patser got

The future's bright, the future's......

1 year, 2 months in Electric Vehicles & Hybrids by Patser 41 Replies 2,142 Views 33 Thanks

Classic planes in formation.

3 older planes, looks like 2 Chipmunks flanking a yellow winged bi-plane, in close formation currently doodling around Maynooth. Had spotted them 10 minutes ago heading west but have just gone back over house heading towards Weston. Is there anything on there currently. I know there's a beer festiv

10 months, 2 weeks in Aviation & Aircraft by Patser 2 Replies 245 Views

Maynooth Education Campus - builders liquidated.

Seen it announced today that Sammon, the main builders of the Maynooth Education Campus have collapsed. All linked to Carrilion collapsing in the UK earlier in the year. Minister for Education is to put it out for retender, but between subcontractors now being left hundreds of thousands out of pock

11 months, 2 weeks in Kildare by Patser 4 Replies

Trains delayed by cyclists - still worth it for video

So currently sitting on train going to be 15 minutes late for work after a cyclist managed to damage a level crossing. I was curious how that was even possible but Irish rail have obliged with a video clip. So while I'm late, I'm still able to smile watching a muppet get hús just deserts. https://m

1 year, 6 months in Commuting & Transport by Patser 18 Replies 454 Views 5 Thanks

Do It For Mom

So a Danish travel agency is encouraging want to be Grannies (no mention of Grandads) to pay for sunny, romantic holidays for their grown Kids in the hopes of having a grandkid 9 months later. Seriously the ad says you taught him to walk, cycle and read but it's a bit awkward being there at this p

1 year, 7 months in After Hours by Patser 22 Replies 557 Views 3 Thanks

Gymnast date stuck in window retrieving poo

So if you ever feel embarrassed about some thing that's happened in your past, just remember you'll never be as embarrassed as the young Girl in Bristol who was : So embarrassed back at her date's house that her sh1t wouldn't flush, scooped it out instead... Then threw it out the window, only to h

1 year, 8 months in After Hours by Patser 40 Replies 2,288 Views 2 Thanks

Gaelscoil vs Girls School Maynooth.

Battle Royale!! Actually much more prosaic, our daughter has now been offered a place in both. Initially she was way down Gaelscoil list, and so attended an open day in Girls' school, we gave them deposit etc. But today we got a call saying there was a space in Gaelscoil now as well. She has a fe

2 years in Kildare by Patser 24 Replies

Porting a number.

Hi, I rang the 1908 number early yesterday to port a number onto a new Virgin sim. Spoke to a lovely lady, gave all the details and was told that's done it'll take about 8 hours to port, and would probably be overnight (ie into today). Then I'd receive a text, new number sorted, all good. Have he

2 years in Virgin Media Ireland by Patser 1 Reply

Unlock code.

Any chance I could see roughly how much longer I'd be waiting on 2 network unlock codes?

2 years in Three by Patser 18 Replies

Fuel tank issue

My wife bought herself a lovely new Toyota CHR at the start of the year, and whole she loves it there is a growing niggle about the fuel tank capacity. It's the 1.2T Luna version and according to all the official blurb it has a 50l tank, but the low fuel warning is coming on when it only takes 37l t

2 years in Motors by Patser 1 Reply

Virgin Mobile

Hi, I've recently cancelled my 2 mobile bill pay, with much thanks to a well known thread on boards, and will be looking for a new network soon. So just looking for the simplest detail on porting to Virgin. We are Virgin TV/broadband customers already so; Can I bring 2 phones over on the €5/€2

2 years, 1 month in Virgin Media Ireland by Patser 3 Replies

Halloween should be a public holiday.

So Halloween, the best of all traditional festivals, falls on a Friday this year, perfect chance for a Long Weekend of Celebrations. Except the holiday associated with it is the previous Monday. Why? Just so people can have a generic long weekend with nothing particularly special about it! Y

3 years, 9 months in After Hours by Patser 41 Replies 1,264 Views 14 Thanks

Burglary Celbridge

Just in case anyone can help. In laws were broken into today, around 2pm in Oakleigh. Back window forced open, alarm went off but whoever it was still ran in and grabbed jewellery. They didn't get much, especially in terms of valuable, but some important sentimental things. If anyone d

2 years, 3 months in Kildare by Patser

Faulty horizon box

Hi, I talked with your tech support Sunday morning about how our horizon box is basically shagged. Quick talk through and he agreed hard drive is gone. So he said he'd set up a ticket with nightline to get a replacement out to us this week, which is fine. Haven't heard anything since, sh

2 years, 5 months in Virgin Media Ireland by Patser 3 Replies