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Roaming in Canada

Hi Guys, Is there a data roaming add on I can get for Canada? Can only find ones for the USA on the website. Cheers, G_R

11 months, 2 weeks in eir by G_R 3 Replies

Threads in the wrong order

Kind of a weird one- the threads in R&R aren't showing up in date order. Screen shot attached. Not really a big deal, but sure just thought I'd let ye know! GR

1 year, 4 months in Site Development by G_R 4 Replies 91 Views

Karen Buckley missing in Glasgow **new thread - Mod note in post 1, make sure you rea

Hi Folks, All discussion on Karen's disappearance to be kept to this thread from now on. We've locked the last two due to them getting out of hand with people speculating on unsubstantiated information. In this thread, we will not be allowing any discussion of speculation or unsubstantiated ru

4 years, 1 month in After Hours by G_R 249 Replies 52,380 Views 47 Thanks

Dumb/Great Facebook Status {merge} [No Names] - Part 2

Original thread here: Last thread hit 10k posts so needed to be closed. Remember, no personally identifiable information please and thanks. Anyway, as you were

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Happy Christmas

Hey Guys, Just wishing all of ye a happy Christmas and a merry new year. Enjoy the break and for those of you (well, us :( ) with exams in January, best of luck, sure it'll be grand!

6 years, 5 months in TU Dublin/DIT by G_R 7 Replies 921 Views 6 Thanks

... I think. Posting while Awaiting email verification

Hi, As far as I understood, you couldn't post until you verified your email address. If so, the user in the screen cap below was able to post while awaiting verification. If not - ignore me!

3 years, 9 months in Site Development by G_R 1 Reply

Dear Dad...

A father passing by his son's bedroom, was astonished to see the bed was nicely made, and everything was picked up. Then, he saw an envelope, propped up prominently on the pillow. It was addressed, 'Dad.' With the worst premonition, he opened the envelope and read the letter, with trembling han

9 years, 6 months in Humour by G_R 2 Replies 951 Views 8 Thanks

A Message from DIT Student's Union

Hi all. Someone from DITSU got in touch with me and asked me to stick up the following notice with some general information on what they do and how you can get in touch. Please don't comment on this thread with questions directed at DITSU or any of it's Officers, as they do not monitor boards in a

6 years, 8 months in TU Dublin/DIT by G_R 10,202 Views 3 Thanks

Missing Person: Aoife Finan, last seen at the SHM Concert in Phoenix Park

Hi guys, Just in case anyone hasn't seen the news or the thread in after hours, a girl went missing after the Swedish House Mafia gig last Saturday. Have a look at the thread in AH and see of you recognise her: Thanks Guys

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Hi, I was speaking with a member of your customer care team and they told me that I'd be eligible for an early upgrade due to my high usage. I'm currently on the meteor smart 60 plan (I think that's what its called!) but bills are generally around the €120/month mark. Was just wondering if

4 years, 7 months in Meteor by G_R 3 Replies

Glitch in the matrix

This isn't neseacarily an issue, but thought id let ye know. See the two screen caps attached from AH. The forum page shows the last post as being 15 mins ago, but then you go into the thread itself and it was 53 mins ago since the last post

4 years, 8 months in Site Development by G_R

DITSU Elections

Just a reminder guys, the DITSU Elections are being held from Today (Monday 4th) to Wednesday 6th. In this period of ever tightening budgets it's important that you are happy with those who are representing us at a USI level. The only way you can do that is by going out and voting. If you don't v

6 years, 2 months in TU Dublin/DIT by G_R 3 Replies 595 Views 1 Thank

DIT Forum - Boards Beers!

Poll to decide the date now included. Pick all dates that suit,then the that works best for most will win out. The venue is not set in stone, but there have been no suggestions other than Karma. Discuss on thread if you have a different suggestion, and if needs be I'll throw up a different poll

7 years, 5 months in TU Dublin/DIT by G_R 36 Replies 4,314 Views 2 Thanks

National Postcodes to be introduced

From the RTÉ Website About time but 2011 seems like a long way off could they not jus use an existing one like PONC or similar

9 years, 8 months in Infrastructure by G_R 8,837 Replies 579,787 Views 3 Thanks

Wait time until new customers have access to myUPC

Hi, Just signed up for the Horizon Essential Bundle, yesterday, it's being delivered tomorrow (very efficient btw) but I was just wondering how long before I will be able to access myUPC? The confirmation email I recieved contained a link to it and suggested I should set up my account, however

5 years, 4 months in Virgin Media Ireland by G_R 1 Reply 180 Views