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Samsung TV

Looking for a Samsung PS51E6500. Let me know what the best price you could do is, Cheers, Dave

6 years, 7 months in by PHB 13 Replies 982 Views 2 Thanks

Boards Xmas comedy gig for the Santa Strike Force!

Soccer Forum: You are cordially invited to the 4th annual Stand-Up Comedy Night in aid of The Santa Strike Force. Hope you all can make it along to support the Santa Strike Force and have a Fantabulous Night at the same time! BOARDS.IE PRESENTS: THE KINGS OF IRISH COMEDY! When: Saturday

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TV Agreement - Collective or Individual? Liverpool MD saying a debate needs to happen. Frankly, I hope all the smaller clubs put their foot down and tell the big clubs to f-off. Not only has the collective agreement been amazing for small clubs, it's been fant

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Thread-level notices

I've been thinking about this for a while, would be extremely keen on an ability for members to get notices from mods when they open a thread. Basically, in soccer we do a range of mod notices in the thread, basically outlining thread specific guidelines. However, they often get missed in the

6 years, 11 months in Feedback by PHB 6 Replies 548 Views 2 Thanks

Fulham vs. Manchester United

4:00 Sky Sports --- Rooney is out it seems, will be interesting to see what Fergie does, but I'd expect three in the middle, with Berbatov on his own up front initially

8 years, 9 months in Soccer by PHB 363 Replies 16,109 Views 2 Thanks

Hull + Phil Brown

3rd in the league! 14 points! Amazingly, 4 of the games have come away from home, with 3 wins and a draw away. Beating Arsenal and Spurs as well. With any luck, they'll be able to get safe enough to stay, but they've already done a huge huge chunk of that. What I relaly like is that Phil Brow

10 years, 7 months in Soccer by PHB 58 Replies 3,127 Views 3 Thanks

200 Best Paying Teams in the World

Full list here: Here's the list just for football teams. Pretty interesting stuff. It shows just how impressively run United and Arsenal are in terms of wage control to still be up there competing with the rest of them. Rank Football Rank Team

8 years, 1 month in Soccer by PHB 28 Replies 3,186 Views 1 Thank

Tagging and some bannings

Please do not use tags to get around the rules. We can see who tags what. Also it's just childish. Also please don't spam the tags. If its funny (Mr. Alan shuffle) fine, but like cop on please lads. chdpoker banned for adding the tag scouse twats to the Liverpool thread and manc twats to the Uni

10 years, 10 months in Soccer by PHB 19 Replies 1,186 Views 2 Thanks

Mod Utils Upgrade

Thought I'd pop this into this forum to see if I could get it into a dev queue somewhere :) It's quite frustrating to have to infract and ban people for the same post. You need to do it individually. Normally, these actions are linked. Also, it's handy to be able to link back the offending post.

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The British Empire Thread

So you think that the British Empire spread democracy across the globe? Oh, you think that the Statute of Westminster was the greatest legislation ever passed? Well let's discuss that, in this thread. Any off-topic posts in other threads which I don't think should be there will be moved into here

11 years, 3 months in History & Heritage by PHB 866 Replies 52,016 Views 1 Thank

Moral Question: Going to Rovers vs. Spurs

So I've been thinking about this a lot and can't really come to terms with it so I thought I'd post it up. I'm a United fan, I don't follow LOI for whatever reasons which are irrelevant. However I'd be keen on going to the Spurs game, as I haven't been to the stadium yet (literally a stones throw a

7 years, 7 months in Soccer by PHB 50 Replies 4,316 Views

Is De Gea going to make it at United?

Can we all please talk about this here? I think he will, I also think 2 games is stupid to write people off

7 years, 9 months in Soccer by PHB 33 Replies 2,084 Views

Who is going to win the Premiership?

So I think we've waited long enough, the transfer dealings of most of the top clubs have been done, barring one or two outstanding transfers which may or may not happen. So who do we think is going to win the premiership? For me, United are favorites (unsurprisingly). United have gotten strong

7 years, 9 months in Soccer by PHB 172 Replies 10,631 Views

Putting Matts

So I'm still getting to grips with the game, broke 100 2 weeks ago for the first time, but when I go back over my score cards, the thing really hurting me is my putting. On average, I'd hit 45 putts in a game. This is even worse because I'm actually quite a good chipper, and would tend be on the gre

7 years, 10 months in Golf by PHB 8 Replies 1,042 Views

New threads?

Are we getting new threads for the new year?

7 years, 11 months in Soccer by PHB 5 Replies 779 Views