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Garda McLoughlin RIP

RIP Garda Gary McLoughlin. Thoughts are with his family and friends

9 years, 5 months in Emergency Services by prinz 115 Replies 12,203 Views 12 Thanks

Jobs advertised and Big4 requirement

Just a quick question to see if anyone has any opinions. I have been looking around at jobs advertised recently, particularly abroad and this is something that seems to crop up repeatedly, the Big4 trained requirement, or at least mentioned as experience of the successful applicant. Firstly: For t

7 years, 2 months in Accountancy by prinz 481 Views

Soccer Access Request

I would like to join the soccer forum. I have read the soccer forum charter and agree to abide by the rules of the soccer forum. The two identifier words are famous and charter

8 years, 11 months in Soccer Access Requests by prinz 272 Views

Unsolicited calls from "Vodafone"

I am a longtime Vodafone customer, no complaints so far. About 15 minutes ago I got a call, unknown number, from a man identifying himself as Niall from Vodafone. Having seen the threads of dodgy calls purporting to be O2, I was wary enough, he also had a northern accent as others have said. He want

9 years, 5 months in Vodafone by prinz 1 Reply 672 Views

German fast food

In the Epicurean Centre, in Dublin, not sure how long it's been there but there's a new food outlet in there, I think the guy in there is German, seems to specialise in real German sausages, currywurst, bockwurst, bratwurst etc with sauerkraut. Was in there yesterday but didn't have much time to loo

9 years, 5 months in Deutsch (German) by prinz 13 Replies 4,632 Views

Personal Issues ban.


9 years, 10 months in Feedback by prinz 947 Views

Personal Issues Ban for highlighting post

Personal Issues ban. I would like to draw attention to the fact that one poster can describe "sending pictures of little girls to pedos" as a harmless prank, and not get an infraction or a ban for it. Then when I draw attention to it, I get a 1 month ban, because it was in a different thread wtf ar

9 years, 10 months in Archive by prinz 4 Replies 655 Views

Banned from Politics

Easy really, I was banned from Politics Forum by Scofflaw, for posts about Sinn Fein, on a thread relating to Sinn Fein, because as he put it I was being "inflammatory" and trolling. :mad: The level of moderating on this site has plummeted tbh, too many on power trips who will ban people without wa

9 years, 11 months in Archive by prinz 5 Replies 839 Views

Christian Bands

Does anybody know any good Christian bands. So far have been listening to Casting Crowns and Jeremy Camp.Any one know others of that kind? :D

10 years, 2 months in Christianity by prinz 36 Replies 1,971 Views

Enda Kenny tells protester "You could do with a day’s work, I’d say"

I think Enda's probably right

7 years in After Hours by prinz 285 Replies 20,329 Views 91 Thanks

Anger of the public is rising

Ignorant fools should my their own business and let the gardaí do their jobs

7 years, 2 months in After Hours by prinz 313 Replies 14,128 Views 88 Thanks

Dirty Stories From nightclubs I believe you

7 years, 11 months in After Hours by prinz 403 Replies 224,923 Views 90 Thanks

What infuriates you about the opposite sex?

I get infuriated by individual people. I'll give one though... Her: What are you thinking about? Me: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh (now thinking).......I can't remember..I wasn't thinking about anything. Her: How can that be? You're lying. You can't just sit there and not think about anything.. Me

7 years, 10 months in After Hours by prinz 782 Replies 71,456 Views 76 Thanks

the 'Admit It' thread

Drinking the wrong beers

8 years, 5 months in After Hours by prinz 516 Replies 66,380 Views 77 Thanks

girls and the c word

Commitment :pac

8 years, 9 months in After Hours by prinz 166 Replies 13,039 Views 62 Thanks