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2016 Zafira Tourer 1.4TSI or Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 1.2 PureTech

Hi, We currently have 2 cars and both are quite old Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 1.6HDI 2008 200KM's Mondeo 2007 1.6 Petrol 200KM's engine light and back brake issue. The Citroen has been such a work horse for us we have 3 kids under 6 so need all the space. It gave issues last year with the drive sh

2 weeks, 2 days in Buying and Selling by Psygnosis 9 Replies

Does my light fitting have a switched neutral for a smart light switch

Hi As the title says does my light switch contain a neutral feel so I can use a wifi light switch with IFTTT The connection with the 2 wires go to a connection on the switch thay says Com I bought a wireless dimmer switch from amazon I can the switch to come alive but it does not switch the lights

3 months, 1 week in Home Automation & Internet of Things (IOT) by Psygnosis 17 Replies

Dentist for ASD 6 year old in Cork

Hi, My son is has a couple of adult teeth coming up and they are very crooked. I'd like to get a dentist to be able to look at them. I know he will be extremely nervous and will be tricky to even get him to go. But looking for some recommendations of an accommodating dentist to have a look. He's A

3 months, 3 weeks in ASD Parenting by Psygnosis 1 Reply

Firebird c26 Not firing ran out of oil

Hi, I have a firebird c26 I believe it, looks like the following It looks exactly like this. The boiler ran out of oil 3 months ago before we moved into the house

8 months in Plumbing & Heating by Psygnosis 1 Reply

VPN with imagine gemtek

Hi, I'm wondering is the following possible I have imagine broadband its working fine no complaints really. I've logged onto it and turned the wifi off and am using Linksys VELOP mesh network in the house this is in bridge mode. This is then fed into a 24 port Network unmanaged switch for wired de

8 months, 4 weeks in Broadband by Psygnosis 1 Reply

Weird looking grub worm insect thing anyone identify what this is

Was out for a walk today with the kids today and spotted this alien looking insect on the river bank never seen anything like it before anyone know what it is

9 months, 1 week in Nature & Bird Watching by Psygnosis 1 Reply

Moving House time for a new TV

Hi, I'm moving house July 20th.  Ive purchased the Dennon av2400 and monitor audio ceiling speakers for the new house's sitting room from you guys.  Finally get to plug them in and unpack soon. Im upgrading from a Samsung 40m86 which has been a fantastic TV and still looks really good, its now 10 y

11 months in by Psygnosis 11 Replies 38 Views 1 Thank

Parental Leave Annual Leave Question

Hi, So I'm taking Parental Leave very shortly. I'm taking 1/2 days for 5 days of the week. So essentially working a 1/2 week. This is more or less for 2 years. We have 3 kids under 6. The eldest is on ASD spectrum. I have an annual allocation of 25 days annual leave a year. When my Parental L

11 months in Parenting by Psygnosis 7 Replies

Moving to Knockraha in the Summer Options for BroadBand

Hi We are moving to Knockraha Cork in the Summer and looking to see what options for BroadBand are available. I can see we can get LTE Imagine Broadband. From the thread below they only look OK depending on what mast you connect to. Can anyone tell me what the knockraha mast is like I think I fo

1 year, 3 months in Broadband by Psygnosis 4 Replies

Moving to Knockraha in the Summer

Hi, I asked over a year ago in another thread what Knockraha would be like to live in. Well we will be moving come the summer. I have a quick couple of questions I'm sure I'll have more. As Knockraha is quite elevated can you get saorview with a normal aeriel What is imagine LTE like in the area

1 year, 4 months in Cork County by Psygnosis 6 Replies

TvHeadend solution help with design

So for the last I guess 6 years I've been mediaportal with djblu plugin which allowed the epg from sky and groups as well for freesat channels to be populated it worked pretty well with minimal maintenance except when the sql went bang. This has stopped working and I'd like to reconfigure what I cur

1 year, 4 months in Satellite by Psygnosis 26 Replies

Update: Rush Main Street Building to commence

Any one know any more. Is it the fabled Aldi Update: Rush Main Street My colleague Cllr Brian Dennehy and I have received a mail from Ann Marie Farrelly, Director of Planning and Strategic Infrastructure Department in Fingal County Council, regarding the commencement of works for a commercial deve

1 year, 9 months in Dublin County North by Psygnosis 11 Replies 25 Views 1 Thank

Moving House New Build, Need help

D:\Knockraha\Sitting room.jpgHi, I've had A/V systems through out the last 10 years but just budget systems. I'm moving house next year and am looking for some recommendations and help. I'll probably be changing the TV as well when the time comes but my main questions are to do with speaker choice

1 year, 9 months in by Psygnosis 11 Replies 24 Views

Mitchell's Court Kerry Pike

Hi wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if any broadband is available in this housing estate. Viewed a house over the weekend it's a new build and estate agent wasn't sure took a drive around and a few houses had this kinda white small satellite looking dish on the side of the house. From

1 year, 11 months in Broadband by Psygnosis 2 Replies

Can you tell me what speed I could get in Mitchell's Court Kerry pike

Hi  We are looking to move house soon. We viewed a new house in a housing estate called Mitchell's court in kerry pike cork. Estate agent​ wasnt sure of whats available​.  Would you be able to check and let me know

1 year, 11 months in eir by Psygnosis 1 Reply