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WTD: Touring Bike

Wanted Touring Bike for 5' 9" rider

2 years in Cycling Adverts by Lagnagoushee 6 Replies 160 Views 1 Thank

Flying to Australia with a Film Camera.

I am due to fly to Australia in January and hope to bring my film camera with some 35mm film. I'm worried that the airport scanners will damage either the un-exposed or the exposed film. Temperatures will be in the mid 30's so will that cause problems as well? Any advice would be appreciated

2 years, 7 months in Photography by Lagnagoushee 11 Replies

What Photography Book Are You Currently Reading?

I'm currently reading "Lighting for Portraiture" by Walter Nurnberg. This 1969 edition may be old but it still packs a lot of useful info and photos/illustrations about how light falls on the human form. What photography books/articles/blogs have captured your imagination lately? https://farm8.sta

4 years, 1 month in Photography by Lagnagoushee 18 Replies 156 Views 3 Thanks

Using a generator to power strobes?

Does anyone here use a generator to power strobes? I'm interested in checking out the possibility of powering Elinchrom Brxi 500's with a generator. Any advice out there?

3 years in Photography by Lagnagoushee 6 Replies

Workshop Listings / Calendar

Could a dedicated list / calendar of hands-on Photographic Workshops be developed on this site. This list/calendar would serve to inform beginner, intermediate and advanced photography enthusiasts of upcoming workshops in various aspects like Natural Light, Flash, Studio, etc. I would welcome all

5 years, 7 months in Photographic Events & Projects by Lagnagoushee 21 Replies 5,035 Views 6 Thanks

What is the Bible on Posing?

As the title says can you give me your book recommendation as to what your Bible is when it comes to posing in a studio? Thanks

3 years, 4 months in Photography by Lagnagoushee 12 Replies

2015 Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford - Online Entry opens on Valentines Day

Online entry for the 2015 Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford opens tomorrow 14th February at 9.00am Enter at

4 years, 3 months in Cycling by Lagnagoushee 56 Replies 113 Views 1 Thank

Lightning to 3.5mm jack connector.

Where can I buy a lightning to 3.5mm jack connector?

3 years, 11 months in Headphones & Portable Audio Devices by Lagnagoushee 5 Replies

First Photo Post..(C&C)

Hi, A lurker steps forward with first picture post. Complete :confused:

10 years, 5 months in Photography by Lagnagoushee 25 Replies 1,355 Views 8 Thanks

McCullin Documentary on BBC1 @10.35pm

This may be of interest..... McCullin Documentary on BBC1 @10.35pm tonight. imagine... presents McCullin, a powerful documentary portrait of legendary British war photographer and photojournalist Don McCullin. Told through a series of searingly honest and often graphic interviews, McCullin recou

5 years, 10 months in Photography by Lagnagoushee 4 Replies 464 Views 1 Thank

Motorsport - Hillclimb

A few from todays round of the Hillclimb weekend which is part of the 2009 Hillclimb Championship Escort Renault Nissan

9 years, 10 months in Photography by Lagnagoushee 3 Replies 452 Views 5 Thanks

Looking for a Lightroom Workshop

As the title suggests I'm looking to do a Lightroom workshop at some stage during the Autumn. I'm prepared to travel countrywide and would ideally like to undertake the tuition outside of the commercial photography education institutions, i.e. IOP etc. In other words I think a smaller more informal

4 years, 9 months in Photographic Events & Projects by Lagnagoushee 1 Reply 505 Views

10% OFF ALL SANDISK! Offer ends Midnight Thursday

Firstly I'm not connected to in any way but I have used them in the past and found them to be well priced and good to deliver so if this is of any interest : 10% OFF ALL SANDISK PRODUCTS - LIMITED TIME ONLY! Offer ends Midnight Thursday 20th September. http://www.mymemory

6 years, 8 months in Cameras & Accessories by Lagnagoushee 1 Reply 282 Views 1 Thank

Max age of tyres accepted for NCT.

What is the maximum age of car tyres acceptable for NCT? The tyres have the "E" mark. How can you tell the "Year Of Manufacture" of a tyre? Thanks

5 years, 3 months in Motors by Lagnagoushee 4 Replies 679 Views

Sandisc Compact Flash Memory

Looking for best value in Sandisc Compact Flash Memory. Thanks

5 years, 4 months in Bargain Alerts [Requests] by Lagnagoushee 154 Views