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Radio wiring

Picked up an 05 A4 Cabrio couple of weeks ago. It already had an aftermarket radio in it . But it wasn't working right. The front speakers weren't working properly. I wanted to put a Bluetooth unit in anyway so wasn't too concerned, till I pulled out the radio. it was a ball of ****e in behind. 2

1 month in Upgrades & Audio by Guy:Incognito 1 Reply 45 Views

DHL lockers?

Have DHL only got 2 collections points now? Did they not used to have kockers in some shops? Looking to divert a delivery and only getting 2 locations for Dublin showing on the map, a service point in pearse st and one in finglas

3 months, 1 week in Couriers by Guy:Incognito 2 Replies

Cheapest s7 edge screen replacement

The missus s7 edge got a couple of months use when she got it but has sat with a broken screen since. I use my old note 4 in the gear VR but it's getting on and the battery drains way too quick to be much use. So I want to get the screen replaced on the s7. Fonefix have a flat price of 245 for repa

4 months, 3 weeks in Android Devices by Guy:Incognito 31 Views

Where are the 2015 no voters now?

Something I've thought about over the last week or so, and brought up myself in a thread. What are the opinions of people who opposed the marriage equality laws now, 3 years on . We've had no falling skies, to the best of my knowledge no one's male - female marriage is devalued in any way.

12 months in After Hours by Guy:Incognito 72 Replies 3,078 Views 7 Thanks

Distance tracking, but for football

Not sure if this is the right area for this but figured here would have the best variety of users of trackers. After having a few Samsung watches (and losing my gear s3 frontier :( ) I picked up a xiaomi AMAZFIT 2 a couple of weeks back . I've used it for a couple of games of 5 a side now and n

11 months, 2 weeks in Athletics & Running by Guy:Incognito 5 Replies

State of Decay 2

Anyone playing this? Was enjoying it and getting used to the differences in game play from the first. Now getting a fair bit of glitching. Started with a few zombies being half invisible. Then dead zombies showing as massive long spikes. Now when I search a box or something and the menu pops up

11 months, 4 weeks in Xbox by Guy:Incognito 2 Replies

Anyone an 8mm camcorder they don't use?

I'm looking to pick up a cheap 8mm camcorder to use to transfer 2 or 3 tapes over. The missus found a few tapes she thought were stolen along with the rest and her camcorder during a burglary years ago, in her sisters house that she hopes has footage of another sister that died young. This was be

1 year, 1 month in Cameras & Accessories by Guy:Incognito

Anywhere to watch six nations in Hamburg?

Going to be in Hamburg on a stags for the weekend of the Scotland game. Anyone any recommendations for somewhere that will show it (and the other games). Google rugby clubs and came across Hamburg Rugby Club , so was thinking of baking off an email to see have they facili

1 year, 2 months in Rugby by Guy:Incognito 1 Reply

Wifi light on media hub

Have 360mb broadband and the last few days it was running very slow. I reset the media hub to see would it sort it and it seems to be better. The wifi light has stayed on since I reset it last night though. On solid green, had a quick look at the faq and it only seems to mention if it's red or flas

1 year, 4 months in Virgin Media Ireland by Guy:Incognito 1 Reply

Kilcock car dismantlers

Anyone been to kilcock lately? Heard you can't go rummage for your own stuff anymore, any truth to this or is it still as it was? Much prefer being able to take the bits off myself and plenty of times I've come across bits by accident on cars that I've decided to get and otherwise never would

1 year, 6 months in DIY Car Maintenance & Repair by Guy:Incognito 9 Replies 345 Views

Tracking issue

I ordered a few things a couple of weeks back and the other day figured, going by normal postage times I've been getting that i should be seeing them this week so had a look at the tracking info. It says my package was picked up on the 29th August, then the next info is returned to shipper on 1st

1 year, 8 months in Sponsored Forum: Gearbest . com by Guy:Incognito

08 Galaxy radio upgrade

Looks like the missus is getting an 08 Galaxy next week. I fancy putting an android head unit in if possible. Anyone any experience with these. Any particularly decent/crap ones?or other recommendations for a different way to go altogether.

1 year, 9 months in Upgrades & Audio by Guy:Incognito 6 Replies 8 Views

Leisure battery install location

My question isn't camper related but figured you guys would be my best bet. I'm putting a leisure battery in a peugeot partner van. My only concern is location. It's not going to fit anywhere under the bonnet afaik so I'm looking at the load area somewhere. I'll e doing a good bit of shelving and w

1 year, 11 months in Motorhomes, Campervans & Caravans by Guy:Incognito 1 Reply

Ncb mirroring?

I've just renewed my car policy but need a van for work too . I had my ncb mirrored by a company doing commercial insurance about 4 years ago when I had both last. Has any done it recently and know of companies that mirror Ncb. Cheers

1 year, 11 months in Insurance - Aircraft, Maritime & Motor by Guy:Incognito 5 Replies

Worth selling?

Just got the bad news that from the end of the month my storage is gone for my 97 Audi Cabrio. I was in the process of fixing it up but have to face up to the prospect of trying to sell it quick because I don't have anywhere else indoors I can keep and sort it. I bought the car after it had been s

1 year, 11 months in Classic Cars by Guy:Incognito 2 Replies