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Stena 25% off.

Until January 7, all fares reduced by 25%

4 months, 4 weeks in Bargain Alerts [Requests] by mrskinner 8 Replies

All Blacks?

why are there no tickets available this morning on Ticketmaster for tha rugby game against New Zealand in November? I am so disappointed. 

10 months, 3 weeks in Vodafone by mrskinner 3 Replies

Structured funds updated infrequently?

The last update of your Structured Funds was March 29 last.  Is it possible for monthly updates? 

11 months, 2 weeks in Ask KBC by mrskinner 1 Reply

2016 Ford Real Deal?

Can anyone explain the deal that Ford dealers are now offering? When I asked what the price of a new car was, I was given the full price. I pointed out that the price was much less ( up to €4,000+) according to the Ford Real Deal but was told that the Real Deal price was for buyers that did not have

3 years, 4 months in Buying and Selling by mrskinner 10 Replies

Car headlights.

Is there a shortage of headlight bulbs in the country at the moment? If you drive at night there is a high percentage of cars coming against you with one or two defective headlights. It seems obvious that there are no police checks carried out on traffic after dark as this is a very obvious breach

5 years, 1 month in Motors by mrskinner 30 Replies 1,012 Views 2 Thanks

Hard water

the water you are supplying to my home has a very high level of lime. I have to pay for a water softener system to remove the lime from the water as it does damage to plumbing fixtures in my home if left untreated. Why is there no talk of reduced prices for water which is not 100% suitable for d

3 years, 9 months in Irish Water by mrskinner 9 Replies 23 Views


Jazzy-deals tells me that my order was sent by priority delivery but seemingly do not want to give me tracking details. Item ordered in November ......never delivered. ??????? Hazy deals!

4 years, 4 months in Online Buying & Auctions by mrskinner 2 Replies notified me at 3.30 pm today of a 10% reduction in prices but only if bought from 4 to 5pm. 30 minutes notice of this event if you saw the notice at 3.30pm! .. .. We're running a Christmas HOUR OF POWER today for all you last minute shoppers. Save an EXTRA 10% on any vouchers bought betw

4 years, 4 months in Bargain Alerts by mrskinner 6 Replies

pigsback has not delivered

I ordered an item on pigsback at the end of November and it has not been delivered yet. Communication is difficult with this shower

4 years, 4 months in Consumer Issues by mrskinner 22 Replies


What is the procedure for switching from Eircom to another provider. I am out of contract with Eircom

4 years, 7 months in eir by mrskinner 5 Replies

no contact with

I use call13434. This offers cut price ?? phone calls to overseas numbers. I have a query with their latest invoice. It is not possible to speak with a person in this outfit! So no way of resloving the issue? There is no email to contact on their website. Any questions are only answered online

5 years, 1 month in Nets & Comms by mrskinner 2 Replies 160 Views

Fr Ted's jacket

The jacket worn by Fr Ted in the eurovision/Song for Europe sketch is now for charity auction on ebay at

8 years, 2 months in Television (General) by mrskinner 5 Replies 1,079 Views 2 Thanks

O2 failure, Christmas broadband sporadic

O2 broadband did not operate over the christmas . No phone help lines until wednesday. no apologies. No explanation. What a disgraceful service. Shoddy, no customer care. Take the money and leave customers high and dry.

7 years, 4 months in Formerly O2 Ireland by mrskinner 7 Replies 630 Views 1 Thank

red and blue trippers?

My central heating controller has red and blue trippers or plastic pegs that turn the heating on and off. I need some new ones but cannot find them so if anyone knows where I could find these I would be happy.:)

7 years, 4 months in Plumbing & Heating by mrskinner 277 Views

planning observation fee not returned by council.

Recently a planning application was submitted to the local council. A number of people submitted observations (@ €20 per observation) concerning the application. The application was withdrawn. No refund of these observation fees was allowed. Does the planning applicant get his planning fee returned

7 years, 9 months in Rip Off Ireland by mrskinner 3 Replies 799 Views