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Last day to register for seanad voting.

The closing date for registering to vote in Seanad elections is today. If you are Irish and a graduate of trinity or an NUI institution you can vote in the Seanad elections (Sorry everyone else). Trinity students can register online. NUI Graduates can fill out this form

2 months, 3 weeks in After Hours by Grayson 66 Replies 821 Views 10 Thanks

Irish Whiskey you can't buy in the US.

I'm hoping someone can advise. I work for a multinational. Head office is outside San Francisco. Every year I travel over there once or twice and people in my team there head over. Over the last couple of years we've developed a tradition. When I head over I bring two bottles of Whiskey with me. O

3 months, 1 week in Beer & Wine & Spirits by Grayson 10 Replies 239 Views 1 Thank

The coilgore reddit

Just came across this reddit. It's bad, very bad, or very old wicking/coiling I think this was my favorite

5 months in Vaping & E-Smoking by Grayson 3 Replies 20 Views 1 Thank

Jamal Khashoggi killed in Saudi embassy.

I haven't seen a thread about this so I thought I'd post one. Warning: the first link is pretty nasty. Here's the latest from the guardian.

7 months in After Hours by Grayson 131 Replies 8,106 Views 13 Thanks

Nic Salts

I'm in the US for a while. I noticed a lot of small pod mods that looked like Juul's. Things like the Smok Infinix The thing that makes them different isn't just the size. Most people vape them with nic salts.

7 months in Vaping & E-Smoking by Grayson

Well this seems a bit over kill

Browsing Ali express for vape stuff (First time on that site, anyone ordered from there before?) and I found this. Here's a non ali link A voice controlled mod with AI features. It looks like the vape Ironman would have.

9 months, 1 week in Vaping & E-Smoking by Grayson 2 Replies 131 Views 2 Thanks

The world seems a bit weirder.... So the basic gist of this is targeted advertising. We've all heard of the way that people can pay facebook to target certain ads at certain demographics. This brings it a step further. The idea is that you g

9 months, 1 week in After Hours by Grayson 20 Replies

The most american headline.......

Off-duty FBI agent doing backflip in a bar shoots man in the leg The story is exactly what the headline says

11 months, 2 weeks in After Hours by Grayson 8 Replies 627 Views 6 Thanks

What are your no-no's with dating?

I was just on bumble (for those that have never heard of it, it's kinda like tinder) and I've kinda developed an internal list of things that just make me swipe left. Duck face. One is bad enough but when you have nothing but duckface photo's, that's just wrong. Photo's with snapchat filters. If

1 year in After Hours by Grayson 692 Replies 58,968 Views 7 Thanks

loads of activity at the four courts

Just went past the four courts on a bus. I couldn't see what was happening but there's numerous fire engines, police cars and ambulances there. I couldn't see anything online. Anyone got any idea what's happening?

1 year, 1 month in After Hours by Grayson 21 Replies

Virgin mobile roaming speed.

I'm currently roaming in the Netherlands and I'm lucky to get 3g. Most of the time the speed is terrible. Is it possible to get faster speeds through a configuration change or does the roaming agreement only work on slower speeds

1 year, 1 month in Virgin Media Ireland by Grayson 3 Replies

woman detained at Dublin airport She was detained because they suspected she was here to work. She was then led to a prison. She was never told about legal representation.She was stripped and had

1 year, 10 months in After Hours by Grayson 307 Replies 14,049 Views 22 Thanks

Vaporesso Aurora I bought one of these in a vape shop a few weeks ago. It caught my eye and I bought it as a kind of novelty item. It's

1 year, 7 months in Vaping & E-Smoking by Grayson 6 Replies

Vape storage

Anyone got any recommendations for vape storage? I'm building up so many mods, coils, tanks and juices that I was thinking I'd invest in something. I was going to order one of those display's for tanks but that still leaves everything else. What do you guys use and any recommendations?

1 year, 8 months in Vaping & E-Smoking by Grayson 13 Replies

Browser automation for repetitive tasks

Hey guys, There's a bit of a silly question. As part of my daily tasks I have to regularly open up a jira ticket with multiple confluence pages linked. This takes up to 10 minutes. However it's really just cloning tickets and copying info from one page to another. What's the best way to automate i

1 year, 8 months in Development by Grayson 14 Replies