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Aer Lingus Online (non)Check-in with Passport Card

Apologies for this but given the obvious knowledge base in here it seems to be worth a post. Anyway, I'm off to AMS this evening on EI610. The Dutch require API so I filled in as normal with my passport card details and it got spit out. Now I found that curious as since I've gotten my passport c

1 month, 2 weeks in Aviation & Aircraft by BonnieSituation 11 Replies 494 Views 1 Thank

Calendar; app or otherwise?

Anyone know of a decent calendar out there for Intercounty fixtures that can be integrated with Google Calendar etc?

1 year, 4 months in GAA by BonnieSituation 3 Replies

Driving licence renewal

Quick one, I need to renew my licence soon enough but it's not clear whether I require a medical cert as per the guidelines on the NDLS website. Anyone know what the suss is there? My licence doesn't have me listed for corrective lenses because I just about passed the test back in the day for my P

1 year, 5 months in Motors by BonnieSituation

75% of Dubliners satisfied with PT in their City

Mother of God; the delusion. I don't doubt the quality of the data. I just doubt the quality of the morons that were asked the questions. Or perhaps they were all on the Green line or Dart? Page 18 I was

2 years, 5 months in Commuting & Transport by BonnieSituation 39 Replies 1,076 Views 3 Thanks

Saorview Aerial add-on for Sky Dish

Mercury 130020 Came across this yoke earlier. Mother is getting rid of Sky but the dish is staying put. Will this be a worthy addition? Seems pretty painless re install based on

2 years in Terrestrial by BonnieSituation 13 Replies

Non-0818 number for Sky

Hi lads, I have an absolute pain i my hoop ringing Sky trying to get rid of their service the last few weeks. Everytime I call in the evening on the 0818 number I spend an age on the phone and then it wither cuts out or it transfers to "Sales" and they can't do the cancellation. Anyway, from mobil

2 years, 1 month in Satellite by BonnieSituation 4 Replies

GAA TV deal 2017-2021

So Sky decided to continue on with their involvement with the GAA. No mention of Channel 7 in there though.

2 years, 5 months in GAA by BonnieSituation 43 Replies 126 Views 1 Thank

GAA TV Deal Renewal

Sean Cunniffe on The Last Word moaning for the man up the mountain. 3 year deal is up now. What do we think? I hope Sky keep it up

2 years, 8 months in GAA by BonnieSituation 90 Replies 2,131 Views 2 Thanks

Found phone

Hi guys, Found a phone in at the Euros in France with a Meteor sim in it. It is locked so I can't get any numbers out of it to ring someone who may know the owner. If I gave you the sim number could you track the owner and tell them I have it?

2 years, 11 months in Meteor by BonnieSituation 3 Replies 17 Views 2 Thanks

Starter compatibility

So lads, the starter in my 97 E101 Corolla's starter has finally bit the bullet. Haven't had a chance to get to a breakers yet, but it seems that Traynors have a couple of 2001 Corolla (E110) starters in stock. Am I right in thinking (with the engines' carrying over to the new model) that they'r

2 years, 8 months in DIY Car Maintenance & Repair by BonnieSituation 5 Replies

PIN Locked phone and Android Device Manager Issue

Howye, Locked my phone (Galaxy core Prime 5.1) last night with PIN lock. No issues with unlocking and locking it. Then for some reason last night IU went to unlock it and the PIN I had been using refused to open the phone. Tried it again and again and then nothing. Came to work this morning

2 years, 8 months in Android Devices by BonnieSituation

All Ireland SFC SF: Dublin v Kerry, 28th August 2016 - Mod Note Post #1

So with just under a week to go it's probably high time we got this motoring! Eh, also, No discussions about turnstiles in here. That's for the information thread: Mod Note: No player abuse, manager abuse or personal abuse of other posters

2 years, 9 months in GAA by BonnieSituation 1,080 Replies 3,837 Views

New mechanic needed :( [Dublin]

Lads lads lads, completely unsure where to lob this in if there is even a more appropriate place for it. ~Anyway... For the last 8 years or so I've had the same mechanic and in all that time I can honestly say I haven't had an ounce of trouble. The lad has been stellar and got me out of a couple of

2 years, 10 months in Motors by BonnieSituation 4 Replies 125 Views

GAA watching in London and Paris

I'll be doing some sport cross-pollination and as a result I'll be finding myself in London and Paris this weekend for the oul Soccerfest 2016. Anyway wanna try and catch KK v Dublin on Saturday somewhere in London (preferably near Sydenham/Crystal Palace) and on Sunday, Donegal and Fermanagh in

2 years, 11 months in GAA by BonnieSituation 13 Replies

All Ireland Football Championship 2016

Well, it's a tad early for the thread but we already have our first talking point. Leinster Quarter-finals to be moved to May 21st to accommodate Bruce Springsteen at HQ:

3 years, 3 months in GAA by BonnieSituation 10 Replies