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An Ancient Horse Is Unearthed in a Utah Backyard

2 months, 3 weeks in Palaeontology by Kamili 7 Replies 167 Views 5 Thanks

Jaguar X-Type - should I just scrap it?

Another WWYD thread apologies! I've got a 2005 Jaguar Xtype that for me has become a bit uneconomical to fix. So its sitting outside the house and needs to go. I am not sure if its a turbo or just a turbo actuator problem but when she'snot in limp mode she still drives beautifully. Injectors wer

5 months, 1 week in Buying and Selling by Kamili 3 Replies 85 Views

Yet another recommend me a car thread

So, my beloved bangernomics X-type Jag is on the way out. The Turbo actuator has given up the ghost. I am going to see if I can repair it - but everyone keeps telling me soz thats a new turbo. The turbo itself is perfectly functional and when the blinking (pun intended) glow plugs light isn't on t

6 months, 1 week in Buying and Selling by Kamili 2 Replies 83 Views

Dublin City FM

Does anyone tune it to this? I mainly use it for the live drive in the mornings and evenings. I think its a great service and very handy for avoiding the traffic and finding alternate routes. Love the Weekly Featured Artist too. They play great music during live drive too. Almost phantomesque...

1 year, 2 months in Radio by Kamili 22 Replies 482 Views 1 Thank

Time to Say Farewell - Last day on Earth

I don't post much but had to share that today I have to say farewell to my best friend of 9 years, Taz. He became blind suddenly within the last month or so and was diagnosed with IMR, but was too far along to save his sight. I just still had a sneaking suspicion that something else was wrong and

4 years, 9 months in Animals & Pet Issues by Kamili 24 Replies 1,300 Views 67 Thanks

Outtage in South Dublin

So After spending an hour on to an agent via chat and being told the fault was my connection and I would need to have a technician come out  at a cost of €40 to me,  it turns out there is a fault in the area.This was confirmed after resetting and fiddling with my modem for quite some time. I was

2 years, 2 months in Virgin Media Ireland by Kamili 1 Reply

Hiding reg in For Sale adverts

What are your thoughts on this? I was interested in a vehicle and the owner has hidden the reg. So for me to go see it, it would be a 5 hour round trip, plus I would need to VRT the motor. It looks very clean in the ad, however the reg is hidden. I contacted the seller, asked a few question

2 years, 9 months in Motors by Kamili 21 Replies 143 Views

Just for Fun - Ever had Interference when Competing

I came across this today (with a video) Where a four star event rider was chased on course by a loose dog. direct link to the video http://www.yout

2 years, 9 months in Equestrian by Kamili

If Tesco Mobile wishes to contact a customer...

What methods are used? This is outside of security policy or checks.  i.e. - do you contact customers for promotional purporses or marketing purposes? Do you contact them to update them about their account? if so what methods are used?

2 years, 11 months in Tesco Mobile by Kamili 10 Replies

Security Policy - Cutting off accounts

Following on from a massive thread on Tesco Mobile, I just wanted to check what the security policy around accounts which have had a security check completed on them is. Just a few questions around the process if this happens. 1. do you run security checks randomly? 2. do you contact the custom

3 years in Meteor by Kamili 5 Replies

Porting from another provider on a specific date

Hi, I am looking to port from another provider and have given the required 30 day notice as I am on a Sim only plan with them. I have purchased a meteor sim this morning online and am awaiting delivery. Can I port to you on a specified date? What are my next steps to move my number to PAYG?

3 years in Meteor by Kamili 1 Reply

Sim Only - Wish to Leave Tesco

Hi, I am looking to switch to another provider - as there is no 4g and better options for this elsewhere. I am on a Sim only 30 day rolling contract. How do I go about this please?

3 years in Tesco Mobile by Kamili 4 Replies

Top up online - connection reset

Several failed attempts to top up online later due to connections being reset. Nothing short of absolutely frustrating. When do you expect this issue to be resolved? Its been happening for weeks now, and I don't really have the time to keep trying over and over

3 years, 4 months in Tesco Mobile by Kamili 1 Reply

Indoor Arena

I'm sure this has been asked before and I'm strongly wondering if paying the little extra is worth it for an indoor arena. Especially after all the rain we have had lately! Do you think it is worth it? I'm trying to come up with a list of livery yards with indoor arenas that do livery in the

3 years, 6 months in Equestrian by Kamili 8 Replies

Porting Number from 02

Hi, I have just purchased the 30 day sim only offer for 25 per month and I would like to port my number from a 30 day rolling contract from 02. How can I go about doing this please? Many thanks

4 years, 9 months in Tesco Mobile by Kamili 1 Reply 58 Views