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Were you ever late for an interview?

So what happens if someone's being interviewed ahead of you, so you're waiting for them to finish? Do you throw a strop and storm out, slamming the door behind you?

18 hours, 42 minutes in After Hours by KKV 76 Replies 398 Views

Positioning of art above sofa & arm chair

Something I'm considering doing in my sitting room, was to get a photo, and split it in two or three. Get it printed evenly across the same amount of canvases. We all see this every day, it's been done to death. But I've never seen anyone doing it on a corner. I've never seen two (large) canvases

1 day, 13 hours in Interior Design & Decoration by KKV 3 Replies 124 Views

Drogheda Wheelie Bin Options?

I have been using the recycling centre, but €6 per bag is a bit too hefty unfortunately for me to continue to use them. Hadn't thought of Oxigen. Must look them up. Cheers

1 day, 17 hours in Louth by KKV 3 Replies 53 Views

Plastic window boards..

Do you mean a window sill? Like the horizontal piece that runs along the bottom of the window? If you wish to paint the PVC you can do so, but you'd need to sand it first a good bit, to roughen it up, otherwise the paint you use wont stick to it and may peel off

2 days, 11 hours in DIY by KKV 4 Replies

Drogheda Wheelie Bin Options?

Hi all, We used to be with Panda many moons ago (years). Then made an effort to get rid of them around the time they brought in a price increase. Instead I found it was a lot cheaper to just dump and burn my rubbish on quiet back roads and in other housing estates. Much handier. (Obviously that

2 days, 18 hours in Louth by KKV 3 Replies

Painting over door and press hinges

Depends on the hinges i suppose. Mine are new and don't sit flush with the door. They're nice chrome hinges and 'butt out' a bit from the door when it's closed. I'd be annoyed if they were painted over, and I'd make sure they weren't painted. If they're more subtle hinges that are hidden away when

3 days, 15 hours in Interior Design & Decoration by KKV 3 Replies 20 Views

Advice on flat roof (pics attached)

My only concern from looking at that (and I presume I'm wrong, and it's a non-issue, but nonetheless) is that the felt seems to have been rolled the wrong way? It looks like the roof falls away from the house, but the water will run into the 'joins' on the roof and perhaps sit there? if they were t

3 days, 15 hours in Construction & Planning by KKV 7 Replies 113 Views

Company retracting car parking facilities

I can spot the exception. :rolleyes

3 days, 16 hours in Work & Jobs by KKV 85 Replies 8,399 Views 30 Thanks

Recommendation for a kitchen supplier

Hoeys are good and if you give them a cutting list they'll do it for you, but I find that in my experience most carpenters and cabinet makers prefer to do their own cutting list so you've to go through them anyway. I'm gonna pay about 2k for a unit that I could get the cutting list made up for, for

5 days, 13 hours in Louth by KKV 11 Replies 483 Views

Pics of AHers in our youth

I have a few photos from about 15 years ago (I'm 31) so nothing that would be considered nostalgiac unfortunately :( You look like the actor in Duel :P

5 days, 14 hours in After Hours by KKV 94 Replies 4,486 Views

Singles Day Offers

Haha, humorous of them :)

5 days, 15 hours in Bargain Alerts by KKV 7 Replies 2,773 Views 10 Thanks

So, Drogheda seems to have turned into a war zone then....

Still doesn't explain what happened when they were in court already the other day?

5 days, 19 hours in Louth by KKV 244 Replies 45,005 Views

Time for Aviation to look at 100ml liquid rule to reduce plastics

To be fair I also have a similar bag to the one posted and I have used it a few times without hassle at Dublin. I don't think it has to be a DAA plastic bag, so long as it's a clear plastic bag and the contents can be seen you're OK (or such is my experience anyway)

5 days, 19 hours in Aviation & Aircraft by KKV 37 Replies 1,734 Views

Is it worthwhile complaining about a Garda?

Hi Folks, Had a run in with the Gardai not too long ago. They attended a call I made to a station and showed up. Won't give specific details on a public forum of course, but felt the Gardai that attended were shoddy at best, and had no interest in doing their job. (the gist of it is that if they h

6 days, 15 hours in Garda Recruitment by KKV 1 Reply

Time for Aviation to look at 100ml liquid rule to reduce plastics

What do you mean? :confused

6 days, 16 hours in Aviation & Aircraft by KKV 37 Replies 477 Views