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If you have 3 minutes..relax,turn up the sound and watch this in fullscreen mode

It's in Hd but sd can be got by right clicking. Do watch with the sound track if you can and in full screen mode. Enjoy the time out!

8 years, 1 month in Weather by Black Briar 9 Replies 1,843 Views 40 Thanks

South wicklow snow - january 6th 2010

These are a few pics I took this morning and afternoon-I hope you enjoy :) This first one is Mr Snowman Driving along the coolgreaney road just outside Arklow Further along that road and up my favourite lane http://pix.sparky-s.i

9 years, 4 months in Weather Pictures by Black Briar 10 Replies 2,481 Views 12 Thanks

RTÉ DTT - Arklow transmitter pictured today 27/9/10

This was from directly underneath it. I didn't want to hang about - so apologies for the quality and strong sun in the background! Apologies also for not re-sizing! There is a powersupply mini substation underneath it and loads of thick cables. Would this be fibre fed or off air?

8 years, 7 months in Terrestrial by Black Briar 43 Replies 5,607 Views 3 Thanks

Road conditions-Report here please

Hi folks,I thought a separate thread for people to post about road conditions would be a good idea for anyone brave enough to venture out on them. I can start by telling you I've just driven on the old N11 from the kish roundabouts south exit of the Arklow by pass to Inch and it is definitely the

9 years, 4 months in Weather by Black Briar 527 Replies 75,229 Views 2 Thanks

RTÉ DTT Reception difficulties in parts of the south east.

yes. The signal level from mt leinster has fallen below the threshold required to outdo presely in your area hence you get nothing. Stupid choice of frequency by rte... Saorsat for you I'm afraid. saorsat is meant to be for the 2% of the country that couldn't even get analogue but of course the s

8 years, 8 months in Terrestrial by Black Briar 270 Replies 39,023 Views 1 Thank

Official: Extensive loss of rte digital in wexford & wicklow on welsh pointed aerials

Theres now a total loss of RTE in digital,regardless of whether you have a presely or arfon aerial in south wicklow and wexford. If there was aso in the morning,RTE wouldn't be fulfilling coverage obligations. Now Even People in south wicklow with arfon aerials have no reception of rte in digital o

8 years, 10 months in Terrestrial by Black Briar 31 Replies 5,259 Views 1 Thank

Welsh digital switch over-Irish reception questions answered

Ok phase one of the digital switchover of the main tx Presely used in south east ireland for UK analogue reception has completed. What has happened ? BBC 2 analogue is gone. ITV one Wales analogue has moved to the BBC 2 frequency. The New high power BBC A mux [with BBC1 ,2 and 3 cbeebies etc] is

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Bargain flight deals to Australia and more

I may be wrong about this but these look pretty cheap! £400 stg to sydney from heathrow is €475 inclusive of taxes. Add on a cheap Aer lingus and you are there for about €530 or less Valid for travel from sept 1st to dec

9 years, 11 months in Bargain Alerts by Black Briar 13 Replies 3,460 Views 1 Thank

Bad or no 3g reception-Arklow area-Why??!!

Hi Vodafone, I just switched from meteor where I had full 3g reception to Vodafone where I have now eith none or just one bar. I am working just 1 mile west of Arklow and beside the M11 This seems utterly ridiculous. Is there a problem in the area? I've noticed as well that on the main st in Arkl

8 years in Vodafone by Black Briar 2 Replies 846 Views

Flight cancelation with less than 24hrs notice-what does EU law entitle you to?

In terms of accomadation? or other entitlements? The flight was BA and a cancelation email was sent at 9pm on the night before. The flight would have been at 3 pm the next day so 18hrs notice. The reason given was lack of aircraft. Cheers

8 years, 1 month in Travel by Black Briar 1 Reply 477 Views

Dublin T1 to T2 Is there an indoors route between the two?

Can you walk from T1 to T2 at Dublin without going outside? The map on the Daa site [pdf] shows a link but is it open? or do you have to go outside and walk along the road down to Terminal two and re enter? Thanks

8 years, 2 months in Travel by Black Briar 3 Replies 1,553 Views

farmer bashing posts elsewhere on boards Theres an example of ill informed rubbish. Anyone care to comment on the thread ?

8 years, 3 months in Farming & Forestry by Black Briar 25 Replies 2,808 Views

Mini Sinn Féin riot at Government buildings

I'm surprised no one's mentioned this. It's been carried live this lunchtime on BBC news 24 as they stormed the back gates of the building just down from the dept of Finance. I saw Aengus O'Snodaigh getting battered about and pushed amongst the crowd by a riot Garda who musn't have known he is a T

8 years, 6 months in Politics by Black Briar 126 Replies 8,815 Views

Is there a dock with optical audio or co-ax out ?

I want an optical audio out or even a co axial out for sound in fact So as to hook to an av system rather than using analog pins? I presume ipod docking stations will also take an iphone 4 or an ipad? Pardon my ignorance on these matters! If there is, whats the ballpark price and where would you

8 years, 6 months in Apple Devices by Black Briar 1 Reply 842 Views

speaker quote please mission mv4's or similar [A main pair]

Hi I'm looking for a pair of bookshelf size main speakers to replace a damaged pair of missions. The existing missions are part of a 5.1 set up on a marantz sr7200 which I don't want to replace. Given all the other speakers and sub woofer are missions,I'm thinking not replacing them and I'm not so

8 years, 6 months in by Black Briar 5 Replies 975 Views