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So how are you all doing at this time?

Have (m)any of you being back out at events yet? What have you done? And how did you get on? A d how did you find the new regulations? Are ppl adhering to them? Are there any changes that you think should be kept (like changing the structure of events that you go directly through all the phases, for

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Grass Livery/Grass Leasing Prices

Hi marcus1981, welcome to the forum. I hope you find it a useful and informative place to raise queries and get answers. Unfortunately this thread is 7 years old, so probably won't be of any use to you. However, I see you have started a thread re livery in Wicklow, so I though that would be a bette

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So how are you all doing at this time?

Hope everyone is still doing ok and that you managed to enjoy the lovely weather we've been having, even if you weren't able to spend it with your 4-legged friends! It must be difficult for livery yards to have so many people around, especially, as you say, it's like the summer holidays with kids n

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So how are you all doing at this time?

I think we'd all agree in saying that these are pretty surreal times, and ones that the current generation has not had to deal with. Yes, we had foot&mouth 20 years ago, but 'normal' life for most wasn't impacted. Yet COVID-19 is impacting everyone, regardless of age, gender, status or nationality.

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Would it be worth returning most of the deposit to him, just holding onto a small percentage, say €20, to show goodwill, but at the same time reminding him what a deposit is?

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Kevin Babington Fall

I just saw on Irish Eventing Times' FB page that Kevin Babbington suffered severe spinal injuries while competing at a show in Southampton and there's currently a fundraising collection for his family. Very sad to hear, and hopefully it's not as bad as it initially seems. Haven't seen/heard much in

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Alex Duffy and FTS Elliot take victory at the swiss 3 star grand prix

Great achievement. Pity about the team. Link

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Irish Dressage Team qualify for the Olympics

Just heard that the Irish dressage team has qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Absolutely fantastic news and a great achievement from Anna Merveldt, Heike Holstein, Judy Reynolds and Kate Dwyer. And an historic team qualification!

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Paddy Power - Positive Discrimination

Ok, this is more gambling than racing, and is going to descend into chaos, so I'm closing it now

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Tuesday 6th August

Please don't post about connections laying horses and arrangements being made to ensure the horse loses. Accusations of owners/trainers/riders stopping horses are against the forum charter. Do not post any such accusations again. Final warning

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Given you can find equine dentists websites, I'm pretty sure you should be able to find the EDAI website

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If you have to ask if vets work "under licence" you have a lot of research to do... Also, given that your previous thread re a certain charity had to deleted, I would refer you to the forum charter so you can make sure you're posting

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Handbag Repair Recommendations

Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good place to get a handbag repaired? The strap has just come off one side of my CK bag so I'd like to get it done professionally (and perhaps a quick clean of the bag, too). Dublin/Kildare would be preferable. Thanks in advance

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MA History Results day?

Maybe contact your School, but it's online. Provisional results 30 September:

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Death announced of racing broadcaster John McCririck

Ok, guys, let's keep this respectful. Ever hear of don't speak ill of the dead?

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