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Deaf Baby’s Reaction To Cochlear Implant /tear

8 years, 11 months in Cool Vids & Pics & Links by Tallon 61 Replies 9,754 Views 297 Thanks

Time to get Classy

Good evening gentleman/ladies. 1. Get out your drink of choice. 2. open 3 tabs on your favorite browser. 3. On the first tab 4. On the second tab 5. On the last tab

8 years, 10 months in After Hours by Tallon 42 Replies 4,237 Views 83 Thanks

What to do when Driving on the wrong side of the road? [NSFW AUDIO]

That's right, scream that you are a woman on your own and you're being threatened... hahaha This women is an idiot!

6 years in Motors by Tallon 319 Replies 20,113 Views 43 Thanks

I gave that bitch Skittles, Bitches love skittles [NSFW]

7 years, 10 months in Cool Vids & Pics & Links by Tallon 20 Replies 5,574 Views 52 Thanks

Drops of water C&C

Hey guys, Right so, I'm looking to ever increase my photography skills, and what better way than trial & error. So I was reading about doing water droplets as I have one as my desktop and always wondered how the hell you catch them.... So I'll start with the setup and what I used to get the

8 years, 11 months in Photography by Tallon 19 Replies 3,661 Views 53 Thanks

Bed Jumpers (Who want's to try it?)

lol, this looks hillarious, deffo going to try some shots of this later :/ http://img13.image

7 years, 10 months in Photography by Tallon 19 Replies 3,446 Views 38 Thanks

Every bit of land we have is covered

8 years, 6 months in Cool Vids & Pics & Links by Tallon 25 Replies 4,628 Views 40 Thanks

The YooToob thread

7 years, 3 months in Motors by Tallon 4,637 Replies 487,159 Views 34 Thanks

ATWR - The Aftermath (Photo's & Videos)

So the weekend is over, and I am very tired :( Here are >some< of the photo's to tie you over until everyone puts theirs up :) If you have some photos, please post them here... You can still donate to Barretstown by clicking here. It's for a great cause! Thank you so much to all involv

7 years, 11 months in Motors by Tallon 17 Replies 3,216 Views 36 Thanks

Rally driver admits he has no idea what his co pilot is talking about

6 years, 7 months in Motors by Tallon 8 Replies 6,829 Views 30 Thanks

Tallon's Minecraft Server [1.7.8][Survival][Creative][Anti-Grief][24/7][No-Lag]

New, improved, revamped Tallon's Minecraft server. IP: Check server status here No Griefing. If you don’t like something then move away from it.

8 years, 6 months in Minecraft by Tallon 5,519 Replies 306,160 Views 33 Thanks

So I built a case for the Raspberry Pi :)

Was bored tonight waiting for the OS to download, so pulled out some lego :) Just built this there now :)

5 years, 11 months in Computers & Technology by Tallon 10 Replies 1,125 Views 22 Thanks

Sick of them taking up the cycle lane

7 years, 3 months in Cycling by Tallon 17 Replies 2,392 Views 28 Thanks

Whats the slowest thing you've overtaken?

Today in Newcastle :D

6 years, 10 months in Motors by Tallon 9 Replies 875 Views 23 Thanks

Please Welcome your new mod

Please join me in welcoming your new Mod of the Motor forum... Berty :) EPM has been removed due to a terrible accident where by he was hoovering his parcel tray, and fell, 22 stories to his death :(

7 years, 11 months in Motors by Tallon 84 Replies 5,106 Views 26 Thanks