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Aldi dupe of Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay

I got a sample of this in a Birchbox before Christmas and thought it was fabulous. It made a noticeable difference to my skin immediately. I’ve been meaning to buy the full-size version since the sample ran out, and went to do it during the week, but discover

1 month in Beauty by Faith 2 Replies 31 Views 1 Thank

Is it worth spending money on ballet pumps?

I saw a pair of cute ballet pumps in Clark’s yesterday but they were £60. Functionally and in terms of comfort, is there much difference between expensive ballet pumps like that and, say, cheapo ones from New Look? There’s so little in the shoe itself that it’s hard to know

1 month, 3 weeks in Fashion & Appearance by Faith 17 Replies 349 Views 1 Thank

Your favourite vegetarian recipes

One of my resolutions for the new year is to try to eat less meat, and eat higher quality meat when I do. However, I rarely if ever cook vegetarian food so it's quite a challenge to move away from my staples. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this position, so please inspire me with your favourite

4 months, 2 weeks in Food by Faith 56 Replies 1,420 Views 8 Thanks

Boiler making loud vibrating noise when heating comes on

We have a Baxi boiler, and it is regularly serviced every year. It was most recently serviced at the end of September. Now that the weather is starting to cool down, we put the heating on occasionally. When we do, every now and then the boiler starts to make a really loud humming/vibrating now. It

6 months, 4 weeks in Plumbing & Heating by Faith

Vibrant colour cardigans

I am on (what feels like) an eternal hunt for cardigans in vibrant, strong colours. I mean like emerald green, hot pink, royal purple, sapphire blue - colours like that. All I can find in the shops, for the last few years now, are pale, washed out shades. In an ideal world, they'd either be waterfal

8 months, 1 week in Fashion & Appearance by Faith 10 Replies 254 Views 2 Thanks

Online fashion search engine?

Is there any websites that search other shops for clothing items? I’m thinking, if you’re looking for something like a “pink cardigan”, rather than something specific, would there be a website that you could search for it and it would search all the major high street stores etc? It would be so much

8 months, 3 weeks in Fashion & Appearance by Faith 3 Replies

Sim was deactivated - can I get the number back?

I've been out of Ireland for some time now but always wanted to keep my mobile number going. I used to top up every 6 months or so, but with the advancing of data plans and eliminating of roaming in the EU, I have forgotten to do this in quite some time. I just checked, and the sim has been deactiva

1 year in Three by Faith 5 Replies

Inish Beg wedding venue

I've been invited to a wedding at Inish Beg and I'm not sure what to expect in terms of the grounds. I know it won't be 'traditional', but if anyone has been to a wedding there before and can give me an idea of what it's like, I'd really appreciate it. I'm struggling with clothes and shoes because I

1 year in Weddings, Marriage & Civil Partnership by Faith 3 Replies

Soft fruit jellies

Had a conversation with Mr Faith where we were reminiscing about sweets that you'd always find at someone's hospital bedside many years ago. One was the box of 'soft fruit jellies' - they were very soft in texture, came in a box and had an insert to keep them all separated (like a box of Milk Tray o

1 year in Food by Faith 26 Replies

How to accessorise this dress?

I've got this dress for an upcoming wedding: I'm planning to wear ivory/gold shoes: But the top of the dress is very plain (my hair is red and just abov

1 year in Fashion & Appearance by Faith 6 Replies

Red hair dye - home or salon?

After getting blonde highlights for most of my life, I went red this week. My hairdresser put a lovely all over coppery colour in with a handful of blonde highlights. However, even after just one wash, I can tell the color has faded a little and I know it’ll be very hard to keep it red - half becaus

1 year, 2 months in Beauty by Faith 18 Replies

Wedding Suppliers Threads (Links Inside)

Previously sticky threads have been unstuck for the purposes of tidying up, and links to them are below: Wedding dress shops Wedding Music Engagement Rings Wedding photographers

1 year, 3 months in Weddings, Marriage & Civil Partnership by Faith 2 Replies

Company wins their own Facebook competition

Skillens, a jewellers in Co. Down, ran a Facebook competition in December - a like and share competition to win a diamond and tanzanite ring. A few days ago, they announced the winner and posted a photo of the winner and her husband with the prize. Only... oops, the winner, Lynda Speers, was comment

6 years, 4 months in After Hours by Faith 215 Replies 34,537 Views 114 Thanks

Reframing feminism ** mod warning posts 1 and 50 **

(This post might be a bit rambling and unfocused, so sorry if it is! It’s also meant entirely for opening dialogue on a contentious issue, and it’s not in any way saying that the ethos of this forum is wrong or should change.) I've been thinking a lot about feminism recently. I think that most of

2 years, 11 months in The Ladies' Lounge by Faith 327 Replies 8,112 Views 28 Thanks

Announcement: One of our contributors is on The Great Irish Bake Off!

Very exciting news for the Cooking Club today! One of our regular contributors, Chong, will be a contestant on The Great Irish Bake Off :D. We'd better all watch to make sure he credits us for any recipes used ;). No, seriously, it'd be great if we could drum up a bit of support for him to keep h

5 years, 8 months in The Cooking Club by Faith 368 Replies 31,490 Views 69 Thanks