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Is there an opening for an "Apology Consultant"

Could be the next big Career move,when the IT Bubble finally deflates ? Shocking stuff altogether,which galvanized the legions of the offended,int

1 month, 2 weeks in After Hours by AlekSmart 14 Replies

Problems with replying to posts.

Annoying issue now resurfacing when replying to a post. If the reply is any way long,when the submit key is pressed I'm directed back to the login page. As a workaround I have to do a select-all,copy and then paste as a quick-reply,which is a right PITA if you happen to be on a roll. Any suggestions

3 months, 2 weeks in Site Development by AlekSmart 1 Reply


Those lucky enough to be in charge of young felas n young wans,really should ensure their charges read this and get themselves a Child Leap card....NOW ! Free Travel from 2nd to the 15th July :) As they say themselves......Spread the word! ;)

11 months in Commuting & Transport by AlekSmart 5 Replies 187 Views 11 Thanks

Foreign Students on Dublins Bus Services

This topic came up on a related thread,but was ruled offside by the Mods. Perhaps a thread of its own,to facilitate debate or exchange of experiences/opinions ?

9 months, 3 weeks in Commuting & Transport by AlekSmart 49 Replies

The Athmospheric......rejuvenated ?

Could there yet be a use for the Dalkey Athmospheric...?

1 year in Train & Rail Systems by AlekSmart 35 Views 1 Thank

Independent Peugeot service, Dublin

Any recommendations for an Independent Peugeot Service garage in the Dublin area. One with the necessary Peugeot stuff to run a diagnostic requiring specific software ?

1 year, 1 month in Motors by AlekSmart 1 Reply 25 Views

Breaking News : NTA gets new ChairMAN !

Here's one for Yiz......( and perhaps for the OTHER NTA as well ?) It appears now,that Ireland has two Traffic and Transport related bodies operating under the same banner....which,I suppose,kinda typifies exactly where we are in the these matters...?

1 year, 6 months in Commuting & Transport by AlekSmart 8 Replies 254 Views 3 Thanks

Apple Danish...Mmmmmm

It looks like Leo V is having to explain to Apple's Tim Cook,just how it is that Danish and Irish standards differ in so many ways....Them Danes are a crazy risk-taking bunch.....without the beer.

1 year, 6 months in After Hours by AlekSmart 3 Replies 9 Views

LUAS Backup Plans.

One of the recurrent issues for a non-Rail inclined person such as myself,is how the LUAS system copes with breakdowns and in-service disruption. This morning,for example,there was a Overhead Line issue on the Red Line,immediately outside The Ashling Hotel. I was somewhat surprised that inbound Re

1 year, 11 months in Train & Rail Systems by AlekSmart 6 Replies 225 Views 1 Thank

Month's ban from Politics Café

HI. A Months ban for "Derailing the thread"regarding the continued detention of Ibrahim Hawala in Egypt. I have engaged with Moderator Caban Sail to some extent.... Ignoring Mods instructions,by derailing the thread,it is also al

1 year, 11 months in Dispute Archive by AlekSmart 6 Replies 844 Views

Media spin on an important Story

A disturbing story describing the rise of a violent young thug,who's appetite for extreme violence is increasing by the day. So much forewarning,across the entire education,Garda and Justice spectrum,and yet this individual is facilitated,even encouraged to continue his crusade. Where will it end

2 years, 7 months in After Hours by AlekSmart 22 Replies 778 Views 5 Thanks

Politics Cafe 2 week Ban Dear AlekSmart, Now banned for TWO weeks initially for being uncivil,but on reflection,it now appears to be "Ignoring Mod's Instruction" I have agreed with Sth

2 years, 1 month in Dispute Archive by AlekSmart 8 Replies 904 Views

Display issue.

I've noticed in the recent past that the Euro currency symbol is not being displayed on many posts,replaced instead by a series of geometric angular shapes. Any suggestions as to where the problem might lie ?

2 years, 1 month in Archive by AlekSmart 1 Reply 383 Views

Politics Café One Week Ban.

Apologies for the delay,as the otherworld intruded. I have been banned from PCafé by Stenho,for Posting Off Topic and "Constantly" derailing the thread. http://ww

2 years, 1 month in Dispute Archive by AlekSmart 5 Replies 1,126 Views

Liffey Valley-The Future !

Good news for Liffey Valley folk....a major expansion of the place is planned... This will be a huge new draw for the area... The scale of the project is admirable....

3 years, 3 months in Commuting & Transport by AlekSmart 1 Reply 402 Views 8 Thanks