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Large jar Of Colmans English .84c

I know it shoud be in Bargains but incase any Musterado's don't check there, LIDL have the large Jars of Colmans English for .84c for the next few days

1 month, 3 weeks in Mustard by uch 14 Views 1 Thank

Re-occuring Airlock

Howya lads looking for some advice. In my bathroom the hot tap in the handbasin keeps getting airlocked, I was told to push it back with a hose connected to another tap with decent pressure, now this works, but for increasingly shorter periods. What would be the recommendation to resolve this? Wou

2 months, 2 weeks in Plumbing & Heating by uch 7 Replies

Funny Pictures

Any interest in a funny Pictures/gif thread? the Humour thread is just full of Twitter links that a lot of people can't access in work, so not very humourous, Mods if not allowed just remove please. Anyway

2 months, 4 weeks in Soccer by uch

Flu Jab 2018

Just got the Flu jab earlier and me arm feels like a slid in shíte looks, like getting a dead arm in school, anyone else get it and have any side effects? The Anti Vaxxers will love this thread

7 months in After Hours by uch 21 Replies

Do you know what a Gollop is?

My best wife said I could have a sip of her wine but she said I had a gollop, anybody know what this is

7 months, 3 weeks in After Hours by uch 45 Replies

Change old Heating Control and timer

I have one of the old boiler heating controllers that has the Clock on it (and ticks) the missus wants to change it for a digital one that doesn't tick, would anyone be able to tell me what I'm looking for ( I don't know the proper terms) and how much I'd be looking at to get it changed please. Her

7 months, 3 weeks in Plumbing & Heating by uch 4 Replies 8 Views

5-a-side Game Bray

If anyone is interested in playing a 5 a side match in Bray on Monday evenings at 7pm drop me a PM and I'll give you the details, mixed standard, good laugh

7 months, 3 weeks in Wicklow by uch 7 Replies

Happy mothers day

Happy mothers day ladies, wish my mammy was still here to put manners on me

1 year, 2 months in After Hours by uch 20 Replies 719 Views 21 Thanks

New Kitchen - washing machine issue

Anyone any ideas on this, We had a new kitchen put in a couple of months ago including sink, but since it was done when you do a wash in the washing machine, clothes come out with small brown spots on them, looks a bit like rust, would anybody have any idea what I can do about this ?

11 months, 2 weeks in Plumbing & Heating by uch 1 Reply

Crisp Sambo

Can I ask, is it still a crip sambo if I put egg mayo and cheese on it with me bag of Tayto

1 year, 1 month in After Hours by uch 28 Replies 29 Views 2 Thanks

Is "Challenge" the new buzz word

Is the word Challenge the new buzz word? every poxy thing organised by any joe ordinary, they seem to think that everybody will partake because the word Challenge is in it, next you'll be getting the Shít in the bush in the park challenge, while I admire most of the causes, is it really that much of

1 year in After Hours by uch 4 Replies

Galvanised Coal Bunker

Would anybody know where I'd get a Galvanised Coal Bunker around Dublin/Wicklow, can't find anything decent online, I can find plenty of plastic ones, but I'd prefer Galvanised steel. Would I get one in a Coal/Fuel Yard ?? Mods not sure if this is correct forum, please move if it's not

1 year in Plumbing & Heating by uch

Stevie Ray Vaughan

I think he the greatest guitar player ever, have a listen and see what you think, and none of yer guns and roses ****e now, he's an amateur

1 year, 3 months in After Hours by uch 9 Replies 298 Views 2 Thanks

Does anyone else think U2 are shíte

All this business about U2 annoys me, personally I think they're shíte, but if people want to go and see them off you go, just leave us non-believers alone yiz useless pricks

1 year, 10 months in After Hours by uch 181 Replies 7,577 Views 21 Thanks

Whats the scariest driving experience you ever had

For me it was in the 80's when it was ok to have a few pints and drive, but I was driving a mini and I was the soberest but decided I needed to put on my seatbelt in case we were stopped by the Gardaí, but I tried to do it going round a corner and the belt was stuck in the door, so i opened the door

1 year, 11 months in After Hours by uch 62 Replies 3,088 Views 21 Thanks