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Virgin TV Anywhere App is rubbish

Is there any plans to update/overhaul this piece of junk? It just doesnt work and when it does, its functionality is limited due to your own restrictions. Since it was released it loves to just unregister a device for no apparent reason, which wouldnt be a big issue BUT since youre only allowed to

3 months in Virgin Media Ireland by sugarman 7 Replies

Medical records

What is the quickest and most convenient way to obtain your public HSE records? via Freedom of Information act or a GDPR request? I need access ASAP

3 months, 1 week in Legal Discussion by sugarman 16 Replies

Console Variations

Came across this nifty site via Hard4Games Youtube Channel. Its a rather extensive list for almost every console... covering console, controllers and packaging. I never seen all these in one place with as much detail so though it'd be worth posting for reference. I nev

5 months, 4 weeks in Arcade & Retro by sugarman 6 Replies 173 Views 2 Thanks

Noise polution caused by delivery trucks

Not sure if this is the appropriate forum... ...but recently a supermarket near me has begun to receive late night deliveries and cause an awful lot of noise during the night. It wakes me and the rest of the household almost every night without fail. Other neighbors have also been complaining about

8 months, 2 weeks in Accommodation & Property by sugarman 7 Replies

Xbox One / BC 360 Exclusive Recommendations?

Just took delivery of an Xbox One S from the Currys deal the other day :D Looking for a few cheap game recommendations now. I haven't owned an Xbox since the original console, so missed out on an abundance of 360 and One exclusives. Ive had a PS3 & have a PS4 so pretty much only interested in exc

9 months, 2 weeks in Xbox by sugarman 10 Replies

Rambo V

Its happening! Stallone has just confirmed the recent rumors of a fifth installment via Instagram in the last hour. Not sure what to think of t

1 year in Films by sugarman 40 Replies 1,023 Views 9 Thanks

Paddy Power Account Suspended

Account was suspended just there, I suspect due to me registering my Revolut card as payment. I didnt realise it was classed as a prepaid card as I use it for day to day banking now. Whats the usual outcome here? Im onto chat and theyre asking for all sorts of ID and Proof of address ive to try ga

11 months, 1 week in Gambling by sugarman 3 Replies

Bayern v Sevilla FREE BT Live Stream

As above, BT are live streaming this FTA on their site. No account / registration needed. Link here

1 year, 1 month in Soccer by sugarman 1 Reply

Telephoto lens recommendations

Hi, as above really... Picked up a Nikon D5300 a few months back and have been playing around with it and the standard 55mm that came with it, looking to expand on that now. Im big into sports so thinking a longer lens would be a good investment but I havent a clue what to be looking out for a

1 year, 2 months in Cameras & Accessories by sugarman 6 Replies 1 View

AIO pump issues, possible boo boo? [HELP]

Think I made a boo boo awhile back possibly using the incorrect fan headers for the pump and fan, starting to make a fair noise now.:( Using a Cooler Master Sedion v2 with a MSI Z68AGD65 Taken from the manual Hardware Monitor Screenshot http://i63.ti

1 year, 3 months in PC Building & Upgrading by sugarman 9 Replies

Where to begin?

I'm looking for some advice, the more I research, the more questions I find asking myself. As a "beginner", what language should I learn and why? And where do I start? I'm an Electrical Engineer working in Hardware at the moment and looking to get more into the Software side of things. I graduat

1 year, 6 months in Development by sugarman 17 Replies 187 Views

Latest lenient sentencing, Dale Creighton case

What on earth are we going to do with the judges and justice system in this country that has failed so many? There is a point where enough has become enough. Today 5 men were jailed, with a further 2 to be sentenced this evening for the death of Dale Creighton. Originally charged with murder, the

2 years, 4 months in After Hours by sugarman 85 Replies 5,586 Views 10 Thanks

First (budget) Camera suggestions

As above, looking to get into Photography a bit more... I've messed around a bit with half decent compacts over the years and recently with a friends DSLR and I think im ready to take the plunge. Looking on eBay, older but still semi decent models are going for nothing these days. I CAN spend upwa

1 year, 10 months in Cameras & Accessories by sugarman 3 Replies

The Computer Magazine Archives

1,000's of retro computer / console eMags available for free download here. Multiformat for Kindle, tablets, desktop etc etc.. Theres something for everyone in there. Enjoy

2 years, 5 months in Arcade & Retro by sugarman 3 Replies 148 Views 5 Thanks

Consolegoods / RGB cables

These lads still generally the go to guys for cables? Havent bought off them in a few years. Any alternatives or other recommendations?

2 years, 1 month in Arcade & Retro by sugarman 16 Replies 23 Views 1 Thank