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Unbelievably bad Sky experience

About 2 weeks ago my father called to re-join Sky. In the past he had been a customer for many years however due to issues with a new HD box he purchased, a issue despite multiple calls out by a technician, were never fixed, he cancelled his account. He refused to pay the last bill for 80 Euros beca

2 years, 8 months in Sky Ireland by omerin 3 Replies

Dying Light (PC) with 3 DLCs €10

Dying Light for €10 with 3 DLCs! - Scroll down to the end of the screen - site Be quick It works, I am d/l now

4 years, 2 months in Bargain Alerts by omerin 1 Reply 245 Views 1 Thank

Festina Watch Repair

My 1 year old Festina watch has become faulty and the timer hand is resetting to 58 seconds. The watch has a guarantee for 2 years but the issue is that I bought it abroad. The Irish agent (Di Vad International Ltd, Kildare) has not responded to multiple emails and are useless. They may have gon

4 years in Watches & Timepieces by omerin 2 Replies

Samsung Wave

Hello Vodafone reps, In light of the farce that was the Car Phone Warehouse "sale" of the Samsung Wave at €149 (please see link below) Any possibility to match the CPW price on a phone that will become obsolete very shortly

8 years, 4 months in Vodafone by omerin 2 Replies 587 Views 5 Thanks

Gaming Rig 1400-1500

Almost 3 years ago with the help of this forum and Irishmetalhead in particular I bought this - CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K (Tray) - €262.39 Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 LE - €116.61 RAM: 4GB Corsair XMS3 1600 - €38.72 Graphics Card: 1GB Palit Geforce GTX 570 - €289.32 CPU Cooler: Corsair H50 - €57

5 years, 3 months in PC Building & Upgrading by omerin 8 Replies 467 Views

John McCarthy - Madpride Ireland has died

Announced on the Last Word on Today FM that John McCarthy, founder of MadPride Ireland has died. Came across as a decent man whenever I heard him speak. Speak

7 years, 4 months in Cork City by omerin 4 Replies 1,341 Views 1 Thank

UPC Wireless - Plugs v Laptop

I have UPC wireless and get far better speeds on the laptop then on the plugs (through electricity) I have for my pc. Distance from the router is the same for both machines. I also had a usb dongle for the pc but got worse speeds. Please can someone advise what I need to do to improve the PC speed

6 years, 1 month in Wireless by omerin 3 Replies 535 Views

Excel Slash Function

I am receiving an error in a number of cells that I am getting info from using the Slash function. The error is #name, there is nothing wrong with the formula as it worked for the last few days. I am wondering if I made an error saving the file (using both Excel 2007 & 2010 versions) The file is a

6 years, 3 months in Computers & Technology by omerin 1 Reply 206 Views


Looking to change m/board, ram, processor, case, power supply, win 7 64 bit and potentially graphics card. Holding onto hd, monitor 24". I have a 9800GT 1GB, just wondering is it adequate? Budget of 600 to 700 euro for a gaming machine (FPS). Want to see signinficant improvement from the quad core

8 years, 2 months in PC Building & Upgrading by omerin 40 Replies 2,522 Views

Amazon Sale on Electric Shavers

For anyone that doesn't receive the daily Amazon email alert, up to 50% sale on Braun and Philips electric shavers. Can be viewed at - Just aswell I'm in the market for one. If anyone has good/bad experience please can you advise

8 years, 4 months in Bargain Alerts by omerin 9 Replies 1,997 Views

Anyone having trouble getting a decent ping from the servers?

Anyone having trouble getting a decent ping from the servers? i log into a ping with around 40 to 50 and during gameplay it varies like mad, from 150 to 999, making it unplayable. This has happened for the last few days, nothing downloading in the background, just laggy and unplayable

8 years, 10 months in Battlefield by omerin 18 Replies 1,335 Views

Bullying - constructive dismisal

My better half is been bullied at work by the owner of the company and the general manager. She's worked there for the last 10 years and the company isn't very financially stable (enough to pay redundancy) so its my opinion that they are either trying to fire her or get her to walk. She's in a

8 years, 10 months in Work & Jobs by omerin 11 Replies 3,438 Views

HDMI Cable

got a mail shot from 7 day shop for cheap gold plated hdmi cables. haven't bought one but for under £3 maybe worth a chance? link

9 years, 9 months in Bargain Alerts by omerin 25 Replies 2,813 Views

Any savings buying in N.I. v mainland U.K.

looking at buying a harley in august. anyone do a price comparison in buying (private or business) up north or the uk? obviously there the ferry costs, transportation, but bike prices in general, how do they fare? any bike shop names or private sales websites would be helpful too. can anyone recom

9 years, 10 months in Motorbikes by omerin 4 Replies 472 Views

VW 1.4 c v Hyundai Coupe 1.6

looking at buying 2nd hand car but can't choose between 07 vw 1.4 comfortline (no extras) or a 07 1.6 Hyundai Coupe. both cars with low mileage & well priced. i'm not a speed merchant so 0-60's isn't very important and a test drive in the vw seemed ok. the plus side on the vw for me is its re-sale

10 years, 9 months in Motors by omerin 18 Replies 1,659 Views