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Immigration Control Officer - Dublin Airport

Hi, can you please tell how you got the pdf to download? ive tried several readers & 2 machines & no joy :/ thanks

1 month, 2 weeks in Work & Jobs by ladz 917 Replies 190,699 Views

Villa booking

We’ve done a few private apartment rentals, would be little bit wary of Airbnb for a family holiday in high season. Have heard a few cases where person renting out cancels or changes details close to travel dates and then in high season it can be hard to find somewhere else. When we’ve done it we

2 months, 4 weeks in Travel by sillysocks 5 Replies 229 Views

Do Recruiters Blacklist Candidates in Ireland?

My opinion is: Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, become recruitment consultants. Sorry to any teachers out there. I had a long call with a recruiter recently. Told her what I was looking for. Security, Pen Testing etc. She emailed me on Wednesday about an "exciting

7 months, 2 weeks in Work & Jobs by denartha 52 Replies 4,294 Views

It could be you

I agree with other posters that it gives a hope to better one's circumstances and thus it can be considered a good thing. I do not play it though

10 months, 2 weeks in After Hours by victor8600 34 Replies 296 Views

Secret Crushes

Me too.:D

1 year, 3 months in The Nocturnal Forum by Hagar7 53 Replies 10,096 Views

Cold Spell - Snow & Ice Possible Thursday 8th / Friday 9th

Maybe where you are, but we had about 2-3 cm this morning in Lucan, thawed on the roads and paths, but kids had fun with the snow on the grass. They wouldn't call it a damp squid, it made their day!

1 year, 10 months in Weather by average_runner 1,718 Replies 258,092 Views 2 Thanks

Cold Spell - Snow & Ice Possible Thursday 8th / Friday 9th

Them wet squids are everywhere on the east

1 year, 10 months in Weather by fred funk }{ 1,718 Replies 258,092 Views 6 Thanks

Snow and Ice Warning : Thursday/Friday 7th/8th December

Oh please let's not start this rubbish

2 years in Weather by sryanbruen 1,101 Replies 211,007 Views 5 Thanks

Autumn 2017 - General Discussion

For the likes of weather reports, you're best using the www version of the site. That way, you will see that most of the regular posters do indeed have their location (and often ASL) in their profiles on the left

2 years in Weather by highdef 1,199 Replies 82,321 Views 2 Thanks

General reliability/running costs

That great, another good report for those ep3's. Can I ask you what kind of mileage you do in it and what mileage is on the clock? What kind of MPG do you get from it?

2 years, 8 months in Motors by motorfan 38 Replies 944 Views

Stop start technology

I've a 2010 Honda insight,i think it's a good idea,saves the environment,a bit,and the pocket a bit,so win,win

3 years, 2 months in Motors by corks finest 62 Replies 1,520 Views

Stop start technology

It is a brilliant way of cutting CO2 emission and thus relevant taxes. Real life savings in fuel consumption aren't as big - in my case it is 2-3%... Although it works pretty well in my automatic and I wasn't ever able to catch it, I hate it with every piece of my body. There is a voice on my shou

3 years, 2 months in Motors by grogi 62 Replies 1,156 Views

They'll let anyone have a child


3 years, 3 months in After Hours by eeguy 141 Replies 7,528 Views 17 Thanks

COLD SPELL Jan 28th Onwards: Wintry Showers/Frosty, Some Snow Accumulations

The gap isn't that bad by all accounts. There's a good bit of the white stuff mixed with hail on the ground but I'd say we'll see even more come the morning

4 years, 10 months in Weather by Conbhar 2,913 Replies 421,983 Views 1 Thank

total installer repo

Got sorted:)

4 years, 10 months in Android Devices by joe199 1 Reply 34 Views