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RD: General Gaming Channel 2006-2015

  • 29-06-2015 2:57pm
    Category Moderators, Arts Moderators, Computer Games Moderators, Entertainment Moderators, Technology & Internet Moderators Posts: 12,299 mod RopeDrink

    Howdy folks :)

    Welcome to RopeDrink's General Gaming Channel - a place showcasing everything from raw gameplay via a hardcore gamer across nearly all game genres in the mainstream and indie scenes, to music videos & appreciation, comedy machinima, flash animations, emulated classics and much more.
    • Basic Channel History:
    It all began during Vanilla WoW where I noticed several epic PvP videos that I fell in love with. "Why can't I do that?" I asked myself - and began looking into recording gameplay. Unfortunately, my PC at the time clearly wasn't up to the task - and my editing skills left a lot to be desired, yet I carried on and eventually produced my very first video at 20FPS @ 1024x768 resolution (not good!)

    Later I began investing time in WarcraftMovies (Machinima & PvP) & NewGrounds (Music & Flash) whilst dabbling in animation and music making - all of which was also pumped into the channel. It slowly began to grow, more so when it began to encompass RE4 gameplay & mod showcases. As of today it is used to upload clips of anything I may be playing at the time - old or new @ many genres, as well as many game-related creative projects. If you were a fan of the SFvMK series from Proxicide, his work inspired some of my own. I wager no video would show my passion more than my dedication to "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" from 2008, made solely to learn flash and was my first (and only) complete flash animation - game related, of course!

    Let's see if you can spot the blatantly obvious hints to Street Fighter :pac:

    If you think you'd enjoy a general channel with no set theme other than 'game appreciation' with a hint of creativity, music and FUN, with no distractions and a slice of editing - check it out! If you have any questions regarding game development, editing, recording or content creation in general - feel free to ask anything you like! A lot of what I did (and do) was portfolio work of which helped me land my dream job - so I highly encourage anyone with a creative interest to not hold back and to follow their dream.

    • World of Warcraft: Click Boom "Open Face Fun", 2011
    Note: Contains a lot of swearing :pac:

    A movie from the end of the series, blending comedy themes with PvP arena. It doesn't contain any of the trademark Machinima from previous movies as it focused on in-game banter, something that the channel has very little of.

    • Street Fighter IV (Fun Moments / Combo Videos / Gameplay)
    Reigning terror in the form of my laughable Keyboard Balrog. Everything from random fun moments to training videos and combo showcases as part of contributions to SRK Balrog Forums.

    • Resident Evil: Revelations 2.
    Chilling out with everyone's favorite RE bad ass, H.U.N.K, in RER2 Raid Mode.

    Vidcount: 5/5, 29th June, 2015.


  • Loving the commando remix on the channel intro!

  • Love when people notice that track - been a hot favorite of mine for years :D C64Remix is a brilliant resource - got a substantial amount of music from there just to relive yesteryears gaming tunes with a more modern touch.

    Just be sure to ask permission if using them in videos to be safe!

  • Some nice videos, well produced - eye catching thumbnails.

    Very curious as to why your your views seem to be very low compared to your subscriber count. You adding the correct TAGs to your videos? Think if you spent the time doing up better descriptions and add a few links in each of your videos combined with setting up a couple of 'cards' you should see a big improvement in views.

  • I'm aware - but it's not just that, it's the fact that content is sporadic (schedule and game wise). I have a lot of followers for X or Y game but very few really care if I randomly upload Z game (which is what I typically do).

    90% of the reason I still play Dead Frontier, for example, is because so many subs are there for just that, so I try to oblige when I can - whereas nobody gives a flying saucepan about Serpent in the Staglands, an unknown 80's style RPG I randomly decided to upload recently, which is pretty much doomed to have minimal views except for random clicks or any traffic from my Steam-Content collection (which often isn't very many in itself anyway).

    I pay close attention to thumbnails and tags - but being a general channel has its downfall that I'm happy enough to accept. If you subscribe to Markiplier, you do so for the personality (which gives him the freedom to play anything because people are there for him, not a specific game). Those who are subscribed to me did so back when I pumped effort into specific series', such as my RE4 Mod showcasing or gameplay -- or the OP mentioned "Click Boom" PvP series originally on WarcraftMovies -- or Dead Frontier. Despite this, I've had numerous random successes with sporadic videos, such as Dread Out or Mad Father which generated a surprising amount of views.

    If I really wanted the channel to compete with the higher end of YouTubers, I'd focus my content & schedule, focus the social media descriptions/links for more subs, spent time adding cards to the 800+ videos, add commentary, make it more personal rather than a casual side project etc etc

    For now, it has (and will be for quite some time) just a tucked in little Irish general channel with raw gameplay based on whatever I decide to play, with occasional music videos, machinima, throwbacks to classic era, indie games etc

    It works in its own little way, provided I don't expect it to become some raving success (which I never have). I quite like where I am with this channel - nicely confined to just below the middle where it could be big with work - but not small or obscure.

  • My content is also sporadic (schedule and game wise). Like you I uploaded some videos years ago that became popular and have similar view numbers as your old videos.

    I only started producing videos regularly in March (when I had under 2k) subscribers - and even tho your content isn't consistent and is just bits and prices - it's well produced and I think you're missing something that's holding views back

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  • Again, I'm aware. I call it General Gaming for a reason ;) Considering I can only really game during the weekends these days now that I'm working in the industry 5 days a week, I can't put in as much work as I used to - compared to back in the days where I was young and quite happy to bunk off work to play games all day and make very deliberate movies. Compared to full-time YouTubers, I have it pretty handy at the moment.

    There will come a time where I get my chance (and the time) to make the required improvements. Until then, I'm happy with how it is right now.

  • I look forward to seeing your future productions. +1 Sub!

  • Much appreciated :)
    And if you ever feel like asking anything or have further suggestions, don't hesitate to drop by!

  • Thank you kindly - reminds me to post an update. Channel now ventured off into Fallout 4 territory for those who may have followed the hype train. As usual, I do non-commentary stuff, usually focusing on certain story points or, lately, mods I use -- nothing uber-fancy.

    Interestingly, Brandon Keener (voice actor for Garrus Varkarian), actually pinned my first one on his Facebook page, netting it unexpected attention (despite its simplicity and bad framerate at the time, was my first blind playthrough and FRAPS was giving guff - doesn't happen in future vids).

  • Just uploaded the entire soundtrack from my old 2005 game - been meaning to do that for a while now.

    It's no surprise that Fallout 4 videos have become a thing. What did surprise me (following on from the F4 video in above post) was that it was beaten by one that didn't even have help from Brandon Keener -- an in-game discussion about saving Virgil/Curing Supermutants caused quite a lot of comments:

    Unfortunately I uploaded it in quiet mode.

    When not F4'ing, made a return to Path of Exile, though that may have to wait as I've a few pre-orders arriving this month that I want to get my teeth into, namely Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and may even consider some Blade & Soul :)

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  • 2016 Update - has been a while :)

    Channel still going through the occasional Dead Frontier motion for subs - and lately some more Path of Exile & Darkest Dungeon before stepping into the time-machine and going right back into Resident Evil 5 (and Gold Edition), Mercenaries and Reunion Modes.

    Looking to get games like Salt & Sanctuary, Eitr and a few others that I look forward to adding to the movie collection but until then, the channel has been a bit wayward.

    • DD:Antiquarian Update

    • RE5:Reunion - a particularly tense solo match.

  • Channel has moved towards Final Fantasy XIV -- good timing too seeing as there has been a new content patch today (will get to check it out later). Mostly just uploaded boss fights on my road to max level (noob/blind PoV) but there'll be more for sure.

  • Hey again - it seems my channel has gone back to its 2006 roots thanks to World of Warcraft: Legion, at least temporarily. Cutscenes, music, PvP & PvE movies (with no commentary) will no doubt follow for the near future.

    PvE Stuff

    World PvP Stuff

    BG PvP Stuff