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Female sports clubs/teams in Belfast

  • 11-01-2015 1:04am
    Registered Users Posts: 20 ✭✭✭ Orlando146

    Hi, I've moved up to Belfast about 4 months ago and I'm looking for some kind of sports team to join. I'm fairly fit but haven't played many team sports before so it must be willing to accommodate a beginner.

    I'm more so looking for a way to meet new people and expand my social circle beyond my work colleagues so not really fussy about what kind of sport it is.

    I'm living on the Ormeau road so someplace close to that would be preferable but not 100% necessary.


  • Registered Users Posts: 21 ✭✭✭ lissaH

    Im not in any team but Im going to join and Irish dancing/ aerobics class on Wednesday you can come with me if you like. Its called reelrobics on facebook if you want to have a look. Only problem is its in Glengormley which is N Belfast. Been living up here a year and a half. Its difficult trying to meet people outside of work alright!

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,992 el tel

    Unfortunately Belfast is one of those places where most work colleagues scurry off back to their homes and families at 5pm. I would hate to be relying on my colleagues for a social life! Most socialising is done with the buddies they went to school with or their local pals.

    Unless your work is a big compnany with lots of youthful staff who have moved to the city to work, and are up for going out, it can be hard to get into an established social circle.

    Good luck

  • Registered Users Posts: 861 ✭✭✭ onrail

    If running is your thing, there are a couple of clubs that are mixed, cater for a range of fitness levels and are supposedly a decent social outlet.

    Starting to get sick of running alone, so hoping to start with one of them in the next couple of weeks!

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,695 ✭✭✭ BeardySi

    Roller derby?

    A friend of mine is involved with them, rather good fin I'm told....

  • Registered Users Posts: 1 Kiarao

    Hey Orlando146 - just wondering if you found any sport or activity that helped you settle in?
    I'm in a similar situation and would love to meet new people and make friends here.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 21 ✭✭✭ lissaH

    Hiya. I joined malone rugby club. Pre season was Tuesday and there was 50 girls! Dosnt matter your fitness level or body type there is a place for you on the rugby pitch! I just joined in Feb and there was 10 new girls Tuesday so no experience needed! No need to be scared either I think that is most girls reaction to rugby we have a development side that moves a bit slower and the hits are not hard at all! They are amazing bunch of girls so supportive and there is a great social side in the club house. We are meeting again Sunday at 1 if your interested!