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    Hello there,

    We're delighted to welcome QuoteDevil to our Talk to forums and to Graham and David will be looking after you. They'll be on and off the site throughout the working day (9:00 to 17:00) but if you leave a post here for them to look at outside office hours they'll try get back to you on the next working day.

    Some info on them below:

    Who is is Ireland’s only online insurance service that can provide instant cover and electronic delivery of policy documents. They offer quotations and policies for home insurance, mortgage protection cover, motor breakdown insurance, wedding and travel insurance.

    Their website is at and has, apparently, been designed to deliver a quote in less than one minute and the completed policy in less than three, without any form filling.

    Quote Devil is regulated by the Financial Regulator here in Ireland with home insurance policies underwritten by Zurich Financial Services.

    Why they're on

    According to themselves:
    When we set-up the business we wanted the website to be as easy as possible to use as well as the fastest way to get a quote. We are committed to offering policies that will offer you the best protection at the lowest possible cost. For our range of products to best suit your needs we need your feedback. Essentially we want to listen to you.

    We work solely online which is great in one sense as it makes our premiums less expensive. The drawback is that we don’t get to talk to as many potential customers to get their feedback on the site and our policies and also to offer advice on insurance.

    Conversely you might be confused about some aspects of insurance.

    We’re here to both listen to your suggestions about our website and products as well as to offer professional answers to your questions on insurance.

    So many of our customers are on that it made sense to have a board here so that we are only a few clicks away from you to talk to us and for us to listen.

    I hope you find them useful and a good addition to the site.




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