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Digital Rights Forum - Online Privacy

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    Some of you may recall the Digital Rights Forum in the Science Gallery which I organised last month where Tom Murphy (, Sean Sherlock (Minister for Research & Innovation, S.I. 59/2012), Paul Durrant (G.M. ISPAI) and Simon McGarr (Litigation Solicitor, StopSopaIreland founder) debated issues around Copyright and the statutory instrument 59/2012.

    Continuing the theme, I've organised another free public Digital Rights Forum for this Friday the 18th 6:30 to 8:00pm on Online Privacy.

    Same deal as last time: the tickets are free, there will be a live video stream and there will be a HD video and audio only options which you can either view or download at your discretion (creative commons licensed etc.) on

    I think it's really important that we try to keep the momentum going on these sorts of things, to keep the idea of protecting our digital rights in the public sphere, so we can really tackle these issues while we can still overcome them.

    I've copied the press release below.


    I am contacting you today to make you aware of the next Digital Rights Forum, which will take place in The Science Gallery's Paccar Theatre on Friday the 18th of May from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

    Tickets are free and available immediately but are limited to a first come first served basis:

    A live stream to be available on the day for those that cannot attend here:

    The Digital Rights Forum is a public debate where a panel meet to discuss the important issues surrounding digital rights, with each event designed as general over-arching topic and a more narrowly focused subject.

    Next Friday, the 18th of May, the forum will tackle the issue of Online Privacy.

    With our lives evermoreso integrated with the web and social media, staying safe online is becoming something of an increasing concern to everyone. From mobile apps to websites and email, protecting our personal information and online privacy has never been more complicated and more important.

    Faced with software vulnerabilities such as the leaking of contacts onto the Internet by mobile applications providers, the increasing prevalence and push to revealing more private and personal information on social networks and attempts by some to protect their businesses through litigation or processes which require the disclosure of personal information, the modern digital landscape has made protecting one's privacy more difficult than ever before.

    With this in mind, the next Digital Rights Forum will assemble once more to discuss the current state of data protection and online privacy in the current context of social networks and mobile applications.


    * Billy Hawkes, Data Protection Commissioner

    * Paul C Dwyer, Security GRC & Cyber Threat Advisor

    * Tom Murphy, Co-Founder & Director of


    * John Kennedy, Editor at Silicon Republic

    A full agenda will be available on The Science Gallery's website soon.

    I hope to see you there,


    The Digital Rights forum previously featured speakers including: Minister for Research and Innovation, Seán Sherlock; Paul Durrant (General Manager, Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland); Tom Murphy (Co-Founder,; Simon McGarr (Litigation Solicitor, founder of StopSopaIreland) and John Kennedy (Editor, Silicon Republic) and has appeared in national press including The Irish Times, Silicon Republic,, The Irish Examiner and many more.