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Website almost finished- looking for C&C please

  • 19-01-2011 10:36am
    Registered Users Posts: 7,642 ✭✭✭ dinneenp

    I'm just about finished creating my photography website- It's non-profit based, mainly just to display my photos.
    I used to have a blog but 'upgraded' to a full website with more content- gallery, photoblog, about etc.

    Unfinished things are:
    • the logo (top left hand corner), current one is only a 'gap filler'.
    • Gallery: need to add more images and
    • About: have to make the image non-clickable.
    • page titles in the browser 'tab'- have to change so all display 'Patrick Dinneen Photography'
    • Links page: have to fix very last link & fix 'RSS feed for 28 Irish Photo Blogs' link.
    • Want to add a 'guestbook' page'

    I'd appreciate and C&C, which I'll go through and make some final changes based on the feedabck.

    Some specific questions:
    1. Is there a particular font that works best with photography websites/that'd work best with mine?
    2. Opinion on the background 'wallpaper' design? This can be changed (different colours, patterns etc).
    3. Home page. Would you get rid of 'Patrick Dinneen photoblog; an eclectic mix of the best from my camera'?
    4. (Photo)blog page. The idea of the brackets is that the blog contains posts that are just photos and posts that don't have photos in them. Do the brackets seem confusion, should I just call the page 'photoblog' or 'blog'?
    5. (Photo)blog page. Is the intro text lost/too high up?
    All pictures that I take are posted on this page along with the odd post without a picture- just some ramblings from my head.
    6. About page- is the text too long, should I break it up so the novigation menu has 'about' and subcategories 'me' and 'photo gear'?
    7. The use of lowercase 'i'; stupid, no need or what do you think?

    Besides that any other C&C, opinions would be very much appreciated- usability, load speed, design, any issues, navigation etc.

    Your feedback is very much appreciated!


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