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Trials hd

  • 10-08-2009 1:47pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,049 ✭✭✭ mailrewop

    out this Wednesday at a cost of 1200 ms points. review up on eurogamer
    they gave it

    haven't heard much of this game really but looks like it could be great. never played it on the pc but heard its addictive.



  • Looks like excitebike on speed.

  • This looks really cool! definite buy for me.

  • level editor sounds/looks good!

  • This looks to be a short flash version of the game:

  • looks amazing, ill probably purchase this or finally buy monkey island!

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  • lol...I love the sounds the bike rider makes!:D Looks like fun.

  • It's 9.99$ for the pc version (Trials 2) well worth the money :)
    Edit: With only 1500~ MS Points left on my acct. i feel it might be a bit too expensive though?

  • anyone get this yet? turns out i only have 560 points left so ill wait for reaction before maybe ordering some more points on livecodes.

  • yea i got it, playing it for around an hour or so. its good but it can be hard at some stages where you have to keep restarting but whats handy is that theres alot of checkpoints so you don't have to restart from the start. there's a trial up on live aswel so you might be better off giving that ago first.

  • I got this last night, and really like it. It has one of those things that really appeals to me in XBLA games - friend leaderboards. I played the easy levels over and over last night until I got gold medals in all of them and I got the best times on my friends list.

    The game itself is great fun - the controls are deceptively simple, but they have alot of depth. You use the two triggers to accelerate and brake, and use the left stick to lean back and forward. You need to use the lean function alot to prevent yourself from falling off and to line the bike up for a perfect landing after jumps (so you don't lose momentum). Nailing a level at full speed with no mistakes is a rush.

    At any time in a level you can press the back button to restart a level or the B button to restart at the last checkpoint - the restarts are instant (no loading screens).

    For those worried about longevity, this game will last you a long time if it gets its hooks into you. There are 50 regular levels, tournaments (multiple levels with a combined time), and alot of minigames that are unlocked by doing well in the main game. I played just one of the minigames for a half an hour last night.... Everything (levels, tournaments and minigames) has friend leaderboards.

    Try the demo.

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  • Yeah the friend leaderboards are great.. I was only first in one of mine on the easy levels last timed I checked.. Guess thats none now! Thanks hey hey!

    I also really like the little progression bar up at the top of the screen so you can see how close you are to the best time on your friends list, as you race.. Im glad they use this instead of a ghost, as that would be too distracting for me

  • Ah my arch nemesis colmise. I have a few others on mine (other boards users). I'll send you a PM later and you can send friend invites.

  • Downloaded it first thing yesterday.. Been looking forward to it for a while now. Great game..

    Add me as a friend.. Looking for a bit of a challenge n there's one of my friends that has the game

  • I had a great time last night with this game its very addictive, and the quick restart time is very important as you will often need to restart a level to get the best time.

    When you click the back button it puts you back on the start grid instantly.

    I had good fun beating MR E,s (HeyHeyAces) times last night wondering if you stayed up later to beat mine?

    Also when a level gets frustrating its nice to just jump into the skills section of the game to blow away a few minutes before re trying a level.

    I need to add a few more boardsies I think because only HeyHeyaces was on my friends leader boards last night.

  • Ah Gary F, my other nemesis.

    I sense Marble Blast levels of committment, all over again...
    Until Shadow Complex next week, anyway!

  • "Congratulations!
    This item has been purchased and added to your download queue."

    Yaay.. I couldn't help it. :P

    Now all i have to do is endure the rest of the workday until i can go home and play it.

    GT:Wuzzie24 if anyone want to add me.

  • think ill have to get me some more points, I played the demo, flippin loved it. like someone already said, the controls have a lot of depth.

  • Just added unklerosco and wuzzie. 2 other friends are playing away at it now, so it'll get nicely competitive here soon. :)

  • Count me in for the leaderboards :D

    Gamertag is below!

  • I played a lot of this game on Miniclip!

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  • C'mon then, Mr. CMod. Show us how you earned your stripes! :D
    Are you on Xbox Live?

  • I was, not anymore. I just advise these days. :P

  • Just added a few names here to my friends list via Won't to home till very late tonight so there should be some good competition, ill be watching you MR E :)

  • I. Love. This. Game

    Its bringing the PGR4 competitiveness out in me! keysersoze4ever's time on the first course is my target!

  • Loving the trial.
    Just got a gold medal on Where's the ground.
    Think I'll have to splash out on the full game.

  • I almost never bother with XBLA games but I think I'm going to have to buy this - it's great fun :). it's hilarious when you do a huge backflip and just about land perfectly, then #@!£ it up at the very last moment and land on your head - d'oh!

  • Just downloaded it today. I think it's going to be one of those games I love, but I'm not very good at the harder levels (like N+) :D

    No one on my friends list have this yet, so I've added a few from above. My gamertag is sjamcm.

  • Think i might get this too. I can remember the browser version being frustratingly hard in the later stages though.

  • looks klass!!! mite invest :D

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  • i think i just beat hey hey aces score also today. :P