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Providing access to IGN servers on DubWAN

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    I'm the P.R.O. of DubWAN, the Dublin Wide Area Network ( A volunteer run organisation building a dublin county community based wireless network.
    We already have dozens of users, and the number is growing. I'm from the irish quake/cs scene, and I know that a number of other cs players are planning on joining the network as wireless gives < 10 milisecond latencies and so is great for gaming.
    So anyway, would ign be interested in linking their servers into DubWAN? This would mean dublin gamers could get slpb, always on, no charge, connections to the ign game servers? Irish players could play with <10 ms connections, and I'm sure that irish gamers would be interested in this option.
    Our next monthly meeting is on saturday 31st in The Clarendon Pub from 3pm (details on DubWAN homepage), if any of you are interested you could come along and we'll answer any questions you have. Or you can post here, or email me.


  • Hey Greg,

    Well, it does sound like a good idea. Heres the thing, a while back I decided to contact IrishWan with some ideas. I popped along to their irc server and found myself getting glined within seconds of joining their main chat room by some fvckwit who felt I had a an Insulting nick. Even after changing the nick, he was still a d1ckhead. Soo, after some deep breaths and a fresh mind, I tried to contact IrishWan via email and got no response.

    Soooo...... What does one do eh?

    Anyway, as for the idea, i'll have a chat with the other ign peeps and take it from there. It certainly would be a cool thing to do.

  • heh. they're just not used to the more liberal
    quakenet approach to nicks.
    IrishWAN is just an adhoc umbrella
    group for the different WANS, to keep them
    in contact and make sure that they all have
    compatible standards. Theres only a couple
    of DubWAN lads in there.
    If you've any suggestions for DubWAN
    then come along to the meeting this saturday
    , 3pm in the clarendon pub. Or email me.
    We'll give you any info or help you'd need
    setting stuff up.

  • Clareden,

    is that the one near the stephens green shopping center?

  • Yup, can't think of the streetname, but thats the area ok.

  • I cannt see there been a problem using the servers, they are public after all.

    What sort of connection have you got from the WAN to the net ?
    I suspect that will be your main issue.

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  • yep, the clarendon is near the st. stephens green centre.
    I cannt see there been a problem using the servers, they are public after all.

    What sort of connection have you got from the WAN to the net ?

    Ahh, misunderstanding there. What I ment was a wireless connection to the ign servers. If the ign servers had a wireless node connected to the DubWAN, then people on the WAN would be able to play on the servers with <10ms pings. It's something that irish gamers might well be interested in, I know I would be. With the whole home/away servers it'd be pretty nice if dublin lads could play against foreign clans with 10ms pings. Or had an always on, free, connection.

  • I cannt see either of the two ISPs going for that.
    Why would they ?

  • Well, if it was funded entirely by a subscription, it might be a bit more viable?

    On that topic, I wouldn't mind paying a subscription for the ign servers anyway, I've been using them for years, and haven't paid a penny for them.