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Photos: Hardware



  • gunstl1.jpg

    Quick shot i snapped before locking em all up.

  • Whats the rimmy?? anshutz or thompson or something ive never seen one before

  • Krico.

  • 5shotgroupqb6.png

    5 shot group (1/2 inc circes) at the 50yrd mark
    from my new Cz

    needless to say i'm pleased

  • From the "OK, now what?" files.

    Anyone got a manual?


    Let's see.. insert pin (a) into hole (b)...

    (Seriously, I've not got a manual. Now I've got the thing, I have to figure out how to put it together...)

    Then I can really relive my FCA glory days: I just put down money on a BAP.


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  • Hmmmm. Y'know Manic, when the safety rules say you should store your rifle disassembled and only assemble it when you're at the range, they generally just mean to take off the sights and take out the bolt...

  • its like one of those 3d puzzles.

    try doing a search on the net for a manual i suppose

  • Vegeta wrote:
    its like one of those 3d puzzles.

    try doing a search on the net for a manual i suppose

    Yes, just make sure not to end up with something like this:


    I found that on an auction site. I somehow doubt the seller knew how to assemble it correctly. Hope he didn't try it out. ;)


  • Then I can really relive my FCA glory days: I just put down money on a BAP.

    Where does the California Assault Weapons law stand on AML60s?

  • No problem.

    This is a privately owned AML a few miles up the road from me.



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  • This is proving easier than I thought. Thanks to Claregunner, who put on onto an online manual, and a little logical thinking ("OK, now how exactly is this thing supposed to do what it does?"), I've got most of it put together. Come to a screeching halt on the return spring, barrel and extractor, though. Going to have to borrow a friend's tools, methinks. Means I also have left to do the gas system.

    Might be done some point next week: Army has me this weekend.


  • No problem.

    This is a privately owned AML a few miles up the road from me.



    :eek: Now that's what I call a foxing vehicle :D

  • johngalway wrote:
    :eek: Now that's what I call a foxing vehicle :D

    Not really. Jacques' got a Fox too.



  • Here is a little taste from the beretta gallery in paris,The pic with the deer is the "budget section" all the rest were taken in the "premium room" where you must be accompanied at all times by a member of staff.

  • This one should be recognised easily enough.

    9mm, SAO.



  • Latest addition to my safe.
    picture quality isn't great (Damn phone camera)

  • When did you get that shadow?

  • URLd instead of IMGd as unless you have a monitor running 1280 or greater, it'll break the forum.

    An interesting build. Easier than I thought, but only because my father-in-law has a lathe. I had to hammer the locking shoulder into submission though, which is a little undignified.


    the new steyr pro varminter in a .223 (picked up yesterday and upgraded from a pro-hunter mountain!)
    the glass is a luepold Mark 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50, M1, Illum, TMR
    the little cz 452 .22 with a hawke 3x10x44
    a yildiz O/U.. the weight of this is in credible. so light and there is absolutely no kick out of it. excellent gun at 450euro and my favourite!! :)

  • hi guys heres my new rabbit gun

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  • patbundy wrote:
    hi guys heres my new rabbit gun
    just joking guys,hopefully soon i will be able to up load pictures of my real one

  • Hi guys this is my first gun got it a couple of months ago and was only waiting three weeks for my licence. Which was a bit of a shock, heard horror stories of people waiting four months. Its an AYA yeoman. Can anyone give me any feedback on them?

  • Fantastic shotgun, once it hasn't been abused (and it looks very tidy in the pics), it's likely to give you great service.

  • HappyHunter
    I second civdef.
    The gun looks almost new, most of the case colour and a just few handling marks.

    A reliable, solid, field gun, a gun that if care is taken will last a lifetime and then some.
    In the Basque hill town of Eibar, near Bilbao, most of the Basque gun trade - manufacturers- lie within walking distance of one another.
    Aguirre y Aranzabal (AyA) -manufactured shotguns can be identified by serialization. Spanish (Basque) Proof Marks

    Serial numbers over 600,001 on barrel flats are post-1988 AYA manufactured while specimens numbered under 600,000 may have been manufactured by Diarm 1986 -1988

    The AyA Yeoman and Matador are very similar and some parts are interchangeable, consult a good gunsmith who works on doubles first.

    Tell us a few things about the gun , barrel length, chokes, chamber length ,LOP.

    A little bit of history:

  • Thanks for the info Double Barrel.

    I've been living in Ireland now for 8 years, originaly from Scotland. I got my british licence when I was 14 but never owned my own gun, always used my fathers it was a barretta side by side. When I first went to get my gun here I put a deposit on a Baikal o/u. Then I went back to Aberdeenshire over christmas and did a bit of woodcock shooting and by chance was using a baikal o/u. It was my first time using an o/u on game. I had used one once before for clays. Lets just say I didn't get on to well with it.:(

    So when I got back to Ireland went straight back to Jeffers in Bandon and asked if I could change gun. The guy in there was sound , not a problem. The reason I chose the AYA was because it fitted perfect and I had heard of the name before. I'm so glad I changed. I paid 525 euro and he threw in 25 cartridges aswell. I think I got a deal.:D

    Going by your info my gun would be pre 1988. If it was made by Diarm would that be bad thing? I can't find the proof mark on the gun. Where would it be? The barrell lengh is 28". I'm not sure of the chokes. Next time I'm in for cartridges I'll bring it with me and get them to check, but looking down on the barrells you can see the difference between the two. The chambers are 2 3/4". Sorry not sure what LOP means.:confused:

    I see in pics on other threads you have a good few guns yourself. Which do you prefer the o/u or the s/s?

  • LOP is length of pull which i think is the distance between the but of the gun and the trigger.

    Well done on the new shotgun good you found out sooner than later cause if they dont fit you its a real pain you never really get any enjoyment out of shooting it.

  • Let me add to psittacosis correct definition.:D

    LOP, DOC, DAH etc :
    Length of pull: this is the distance between the curve of the trigger and the center of the gun butt. On a double gun, this distance is measured from the front trigger.

    Pitch: the angle of the butt in relation to the top of the barrel.
    Cast: the distance the centerline of the stock is offset to one side or another of the centerline of the barrel.
    Drop: the distance from the top of the barrel or rib to the top edge of the stock at the comb and the heel.

  • Happyhunter,

    Remove the barrels from the action, on the barrel flats there will be star symbols *** visible on the flats - or just in front of the flats on the barrels.

    Examine both the barrel flats and the watertable - the top of the bar of the action, the flat projection on the front of the receiver of a side-by-side,- as they contain other interesting information. ;)

    Spanish chokes are designated by * star symbols.

    * 1/1 or .035, Full choke, 70% of Pattern in 30" circle @ 40 yards.

    ** 3/4 choke .030, or Improved Modified, 65% of Pattern in 30" circle @ 40 yards

    *** 1/2 or .020, Modified, 60% of Pattern in 30" circle @ 40 yards

    **** 1/4 or .010, Improved Cylinder 50 % of Pattern in 30" circle @ 40 yards

    Open choke or Cylinder .000, (.729") 40% of Pattern in 30" circle @ 40 yards

    The "choke" of a shotgun is a small constriction applied near the muzzle of the barrel that effectively changes the patterning characteristics of the shot as it passes through. The constriction is the difference between the tightest inside diameter measurement of the area of choke, and the actual bore diameter. A typical 12 gauge barrel has an inside diameter of .729" the chokes for this bore size would run from cylinder at .729" to Full at .689".

    Additional information:

  • Happyhunter,
    I have a decided preference for SxS guns.

    AyA was one of the many (18-20?) Basque gunmakers that joined together in a Government backed operation to form DIARM, which lasted only a short time (1986- 89) for a variety of reasons before it went bankrupt.
    The ill-fated DIARM consortium was a mechanism intended to save the Eibar gun business. Some of them, unfortunately, are no longer with us. A y A almost did not make it but a rekindling of the double gun flame that nearly went out in the 1950's & 60's has kept the firm in business. The "pooling' of resources during the DIARM period led to shall we say inconsistent product quality control.
    The Yeoman & Matador IMO are exceptions to the 'cheap' gun tag . Yes, they are inexpensive gun's and not of the same quality as a new AyA costing many thousands, but they are solid, reliable shooter, and much better than the other cheap Spanish doubles.
    I have a 10 bore Matador that was purchased in 1970, has digested hundreds of heavy magnum wildfowl cartridges, saltwater spray , general muck & grime and will do so for my lifetime and more. It certainly is not a best gun by any means but it has proven to be a sturdy and dependable gun.

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  • hi guys
    had a fabarm o/u 25" barrel s/t ejector since 1988 and traded it for this last week s/s 30" barrel non ej double trigger,had a s/s years ago and always wanted another now I just hope I can shoot straight with it ,it feels good and mounts nice so going to try a few clays this weekend,,,,fingers crossed ,,,