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Jenny Lorigan 04-05



  • Don't think so. Not according to Garfield and he knows all.

  • There were cookies at the reunion? o.O Why did I not see of these?

  • JenLorigan wrote:
    Lasagne cookies!
    My stomach is rumbling already...

  • Steph: 'Twas at the big reunion. I was going around with a lunchbox type thing full of cookies. I'm vaguely sure you were there...

  • I was at all reunions, but I saw no cookies. Perhaps it was while I was trying to chase down my camera.

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  • I meant I'm pretty sure you were there for the cookies. Fear not! for I shall make more at some stage.

  • Jen! Oh how we laughed about many a thing, mostly involving blood/death/babies, but just not enough. You have another year..or two no? Please say you do...or..or...I'll shake my fist!

  • I have at least one more year. Maaaybe two.

  • ME LOVES JENNEH AND HER COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*

  • Ah, buying love with cookies...

    (Actual love. Not Sophia. Though I should try that...)

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  • Yes. Yes you should. :)

  • So do I buy you from you, or someone else?

  • I'm not sure. From me I think. Yes. Me. In exchange for cookies :D

  • Bueno. It shall be so.

  • Yay!! I get cookies! *dances* Who needs a Sophia anyways when you can have cookies...?

  • Or, if you're me, you get cookies and Sophia. But I don't like stuff I bake... :/

    Which remindsme, my sister is back from Italy today, I meant to make muffins... Oops.

  • JenLorigan wrote:
    Or, if you're me, you get cookies and Sophia
    Lucky you!!
    JenLorigan wrote:
    But I don't like stuff I bake... :/

    Why not?! Your cookies are greaterrificooliciousexy!! When I move out next year, can I kidnap you? (I can't cook, so if you say no, I'll die of food poisoning, and then you'll be a murderer... or is it murderess.. hmm... *ponders* ... ... ... Anyways, the point is, I'll die. *guilt* *guilt*)

  • Sure, why not.

    To the Jenkidnappingmobile! [cue PFM playing panpipes]

  • Doodleoodleoodleoodleoo!
    *panpipes magically disappear back into the ether*

  • Good work, Panpipe Monkey.

    Now back in your box.

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  • I'll come, I have experience in Jen-napping

  • Judging by past experience all it requires is a long coat and a lenient TA.

  • 2 lenient TA's, a juggling instructor and an elevator actually

  • Raphael wrote:
    2 lenient TA's, a juggling instructor and an elevator actually
    belive me, a syringe full of bleach is just soooo much easier, or so im led to believe
    *cue dog with the shifty eyes*

  • Like [that guy's name, which will be left out for his safety]'s chat-up line:

    Does this smell like chloroform to you?

  • Hmm... I like that one... 'Tis better than "I have a tractor, will you go out with me?" or "If you go out with me I'll leave yer ma alone..."


    Aaanyways, the Jen-napping shall take place at the October 1st reunion, but someone else will have to drive the Jen-napping mobile because I'll be over the legal jam-tart limit and I can't drive. And it can't be the pan-pipe player. So... who's our driver?

  • Oh of course, the pan-pipe player.

    If this was real life, I'd stalk away at this point, but as it's the interent I will hum 'Buttercup Baby' instead.

  • belive me, a syringe full of bleach is just soooo much easier, or so im led to believe
    *cue dog with the shifty eyes*
    But Aonghus's way involves juggling...

  • My degree in Panpipery states that I can operate heavy machinery while playing delightful batman music on the panpipes. But only batman music. Anything else and we go careening off a conveniently placed cliff.

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  • Ok then. The pan-pipe player it shall be! (in spite of the fact I don't know her and have only the vaguest idea that she's a blonde girl called Steph)