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British tabloid media

  • 21-02-2023 12:07am
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    With the antics of the tabloid print & TV media in Britain once again questioned with the coverage of the Nicola Bulley incident, what can be done to stop the intrusion into people's personal lives. Have they learned nothing from Leveson?

    Sky News' coverage has been particularly unpleasant.


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    I would blame the old bill on this occasion

    Releasing information about menopause and she liked a drink

    what the hell has that got to do with anything in a case like this

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    The situation that evolved around this disappearance, went bad precisely because of Leveson.

    In the past, Police would have delivered off-the-record briefings to journalists and said 'look, we suspect X and Y and we have information about contributory causes A and B, but we'd like you to avoid any speculation around C and D until we get through what we're doing, then we'll brief you on solid progress'

    Because the Lancashire police couldn't channel their message through the media with nuance, it just came across as a massive mess. They were damned if they briefed and damned if they kept quiet.

    Leveson ended that informal but responsibly filtered information flow and paved the way for the Tik Tok ghouls to fill the vacuum.

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    didn't the family agree to the release cos other people who knew her were telling the press about her issues.

    I think the cops get a pass on that if the family agreed to it

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    What you did not read in the gutter press was they it was the gutter press that were going to release details in a "scoop" after paying people money to give details of her struggles.

    The gutter press then turned on the superintendent and how she dressed because she ruined their payday.

    Perimenopause is a big trigger for mental health and alcohol issues and it is why the highest female suicide rate is in females 45-50. Maybe if good is to come out of this it will be people understanding that this is quite a major issue.

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    How did it take them so long to find the body? Searching a river mustn't be an easy task. I often think of poor Trevor Deely and where he went, it just goes to show that if he did fall in the river or canal maybe they just never found him on time and he was swept out to sea.

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    I haven't watched Sky News in over 10 years. I will never watch it. British tabloids have always been rags. I did hear there was 'speculation' over that poor woman's disappearance but I wasn't surprised. People like to make up stories here too when they can't explain things.

    What are they doing in the Hyacinth House?

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    There’s a whole discussion on that in another thread. Although most of it is speculation and arguing.

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    It was a circus long before that happened - fueled incessantly by the likes of the Daily Mail running it as their top story every day.