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What do I need?

  • 31-10-2022 11:12am
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    We have planning for a “straight forward “ rectangular two story house on the family farm. We are not in a position to borrow any more money at the moment so we will see how far we can go. It would be great to get the house sealed but we may not be able to get further than the roof due to rising costs. We obviously know all the local builders and tradesmen and we know who to avoid. If we can get the builder who we want and we don’t need sign off for the bank, what exactly would we need an engineer to do? I’m trying to educate myself with all the regs but most people seem to opt out of design certifier/assigned certifier role. Obviously we would never intend to sell the house in our lifetime but who knows what could happen in the future so we need to make sure everything is above board as regards compliance. TIA


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    Engineer - Structure?

    Are you qualified to design and inspect the structural elements? That’s what you will be signing on the Commencement Notice Form.

    What happens if an accident happens? Will the insurers look at Health and Safety? Who is the PSCS? Who is qualified to be PSCS?

    Part L compliance - who is doing the prelim BER? Who is doing the calculations to ensure what products and system you use will comply at the end?

    What will the builder price from? Word of mouth or construction drawings?

    It looks to me that you need someone there to design, inspect and certify based on your OP.

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    No, I have no qualification in this area. Perhaps, I worded the question wrongly.

    The builder who I have in mind regularly works off planning drawings and said he doesn’t require construction drawings. I know some people wouldn’t agree with this practice but he possibly understands structures as good as some engineers and he would know where extra strength is required. I’m sure he is one of many like this, especially in rural Ireland.

    I don’t know what a pscs is to be honest with you.

    I can’t answer your question about part L.

    As I said earlier, I am just trying to find out what/who exactly I need.


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    The problem is that if something goes wrong, the builder cannot design the structure which he is essentially doing if you leave him to his own accord ordering steel, concrete etc

    Legally you will be responsible under the building control act and don’t forget it’s a criminal conviction if it goes that far.

    If you end up in front of a judge the book be thrown at you for taking such a disregard approach to H&S.

    Now I know that might sound like scaremongering but it’s the truck and a fact.

    Now, my opinion is you need an engineer or surveyor or technician that is qualified and covered (liability) to guide you through the process. The reality is that you will need a few professionals involved.

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    Ok, thanks for your reply.

    in layman’s terms, what is the difference between opt in & opt out? Most people in my area opt out.

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    Ok. I have spent most of the day going through different posts here and this is what I’ve learnt, am I correct?

    Gumbo is right, I need an engineer to provide construction drawings even though the builder says he doesn’t require them.

    Engineer normally helps with commencement notice which includes construction drawings and preliminary BER?

    Who normally takes on the role of PSCS?

    I have read many posts here about opt in versus opt out but I’m still confused. Can anyone dumb it down for me?


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    No difference from a building point of view.

    The only difference is paperwork you have to submit to the council. You still need all the certificates, H&S etc

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    Yes an Engineer “can” do all of the above. But you must agree this prior to start to make sure you are both on the same wavelength as it will cost you different fees depending on what service.

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    Are you paying cash for this? If you are getting a mortgage, who do you propose to sign off on your stage payments?

    The bank will not let a "builder" sign off for stage payments.

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