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Getting a bed delivered from the UK

  • 19-08-2022 10:27pm
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    Hi all,

    I'm thinking of getting a bed delivered from the UK (the Premier Inn bed - it suits my back). This is ordered directly from them at and I've been in touch. They have confirmed to me that they won't charge UK VAT and will charge £159 for delivery. I know I will have to pay Irish VAT on product + delivery plus customs charges at the Irish side before the courier (Keen and Able) deliver it.

    The total cost is the great unknown because I have no idea what the Irish VAT rate is on a bed/divan and no idea what the customs charges will be for the various components. Just wondering if someone has a rough idea.

    Premier Inn Guest - Pillow Top Mattress - 150x200cm (227192)

    Premier Inn Guest - Oatmeal Divan FSC® Mix 70% - 2 Drawers - 150x100cm - FOOT (227036)

    Premier Inn Guest - Oatmeal Divan FSC® Mix 70% - No Drawers - 150x100cm - HEAD (227037)

    Total (ex vat):£924.17

    Delivery: £159. - King size w/ 2drawer divan.

    All of those combined is £1083.

    I'm assuming 20% VAT and 20% customs charges because I know no better.

    About £1483 incl 20% VAT and 20% customs charges. ie: €1750.

    Is this way off the mark, or not too bad?


  • Registered Users Posts: 251 ✭✭mct1

    I've just come across this useful guide It contains some surprising information. There's a whole list of items that are free of any import duty from the UK - including wooden and plastic furniture. So you could be in luck. I think VAT will be 23%, same as it would be if you bought the bed here.

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    23% vat and if it's primarily made in the UK of UK components, no duty.

    So about €300

  • Registered Users Posts: 844 ✭✭✭3d4life

    Are the Premier Inn beds 'Hypnos' brand ?

    I looked at this some time ago, they seemed to be Hypnos back then

    Arnotts list Hypnos

    The detail that Arnotts provide is so scant that I wonder if its a stale listing.

    What do you think, OP ?

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    Been away a few days!

    I didn't know Arnotts do them, or did do them. I might have to enquire. It is the Premier inn / Hypnos bed. At this stage I'm getting tired of trying to educate their sales rep in tax/VAT law....

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    You are the person importing the item. It is not for them to understand any aspects of EU import taxes. Same if I'm exporting a pallet of goods to a UK customer, their tax system is of no consequence to me and it is for the customer there to understand what they have to do importing into their country

    Its also likely that you will need to do a full customs entry as the value is over €1,000. That will be about €40. You will need to provide your pps number, the taric code for the bed and country of origin of the materials.

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    Value is about £500 for just the mattress. They must quote me for the mattress and delivery without UK taxes - that is what I'm having trouble getting them to do.

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    Its only without UK vat.

    Take the price, divide by 1.2 (20% vat) - there's the net of vat price

    £500 = 416.66 + vat.

    Considering we makes a huge number of mattresses here (and export them), surely you can find something that suits locally?

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