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F1 2021 Round 15:Russian Grand Prix 2021



  • Alonso mentioned the decision of the stewards not to bother with the rules and not to penalise Lando during pre-race interviews at Turkey:

    "Let's see, the next one that crosses the white line on the pit entry, let's see which nationality he is and which penalty he will get"

    When it's a black and white rule that is completely uncontroversially applied in 100% of cases no matter the circumstances, except one time with British media darling Hamilton, then another time with British media darling Norris, it's hard to disagree with Alonso on this one. Time and again it's different rules for different drivers.

  • Wonder what Bottas tactics will be at the start today.

    Will he try and win the race and show he has a backbone or will he be submissive once again and do the deed for his team-mate.

    If he does the deed, then hopefully Perez will return the favour. Be good to see Toto whine as Mercedes like to give it out but don't like taking it themselves.