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MSPaint Reveal - Vanilla, the ultimate fixXxer

  • 26-08-2021 9:31pm
    Registered Users Posts: 12,391 ✭✭✭✭ Deja Boo

    REVEAL SETUP UNDERWAY for the first (and 😏 possibly only) Vanilla Boards MSPaint game… [Reveal date & time to be determined by here & there] 

    When did we start this one, 1992?  Any delays attributed to fixXxer have been far outdone by Vanilla; hence, we present  VanillaPaint, the ultimate fixXer ! 😁

    Sign up thread HERE or (in case linking fails) here ->

    Many thanks to all our  PaintScribers for sharing your time, energy, and talents! ...You all give Vanilla, true flavour!



  • I drank all the weekend wine already but I will still be ready 🤞🤣 whenever we are a go! (Thread bookmarked... I think 🤣)

  • :D Thanks for the remind, must bookmark the thread as well (else I may never locate it again)

  • Ah for heavens' sake! How would you describe that in 10 words?! Brainstorm would be one I suppose?

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  • I love it! It explains a lot 😉!

  • You know, I wasn't too far off! Can't wait for full reveal!

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  • This is gonna be good, i can tell!

    Edit: Ugh stupid site, trying to embed gif. Not much fun for little harpo.

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  • Eh? There’s way too much going on in that original pic. There is absolutely zero chance of success here.

  • I can see some elements that makes sense...

  • If the final picture came out looking like the original picture I'd consider that a massive failure, not a success.

    The best first pictures are the one like the above, where the possibilities of where it can go are literally endless. That's the whole point of the game.

  • It's great fun when it goes totally off the rails!

  • Ok, I can see I described third, and I see an interesting pic (poor Mamof4 faced with describing that 😜), but even with these two pieces of information, I have zero idea what I saw or wrote and I'm not going PM hunting 🤣 so this will be excellent 😁

  • Thanks all :) ... lol, Both Mam (and Necro) did an excellent job :D ...but yes, there is alot going on - knowing that, I (used to) think it gave first describers more options to choose which fun parts they wish to include in the game. But yes, after reading comments (here and at the other site) I now get the idea that players prefer simpler images.

    Frankly, it wasn't my first choice of Hobby pics, but at the time, I couldn't locate (something like) what I had intended: so I went with (after a quick google search) an image that reminded me of one of my favourite descriptions in an older game (but due to vanilla search I can't find nor link the post)... Since Mam was the first describer, I thought it might be fun to loosely "tailor" the original pic to her former "ethereal question mark" description, hence the "idea" theme... Had someone else described first, I would have tried relating the first paint to one of their former descriptions. ...tis blatantly clear I overthink everything.

    Maybeeeeee we should just get this game over and done with quickly... Think it might be best for all, then we can just move on to the fun, fast paints in the new place... If people aren't here to participate in the reveal, that is ok too - seems rather apropos as Vanilla has sent people away anyway.... and anyone can read thru the thread, and catch up quickly at their convenience... :) Cheers and thanks everyone for playing, especially with the busy images I pick. X to all.

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  • We shall get started directly,  with a few   vanilladjustments (and repeatedly banging head on desk) as  some images are non-compatavanilla. Many apologies  when things go haywire (and get a bit delayed) ...If images don’t post properly. I shall try to remember to include links.

  • No panic, we all know how the site is. Can't wait!

  • nothing  started and ended our game, let’s see if their first picture made it through to the bitter end...

    🔸Original Pic Link

    Much like our new  platform, the pic seems  a lot to process, but (trust me) you aint seen nothing(s) yet! 🤪

  • Now,  you may think… 

    that “every game imaginable” could be considered rhetorical ...but… 

    nothing is nothing if not a literal thinker ! ☺️

  • I just paint what I'm told ;)

  • I may have misinterpreted the eureka moment hehe

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