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My Fire HD 10 2019 dead

  • 26-07-2021 4:36pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,449 ✭✭✭ quinnd6

    My Fire HD 10 is completely dead after less than 7 months of everyday use. It won't turn on, it won't charge, I tried holding down the power button, left it plugged in for hours and nothing is happening. It's not doing anything. It's completely dead. If anyone has any suggestions I'd like to hear but I'm so disappointed won't be buying one again.


  • Have you checked the USB connector on the power lead and the USB socket on the device itself. From experience with an older Kindle, the USB connector was always a bit iffy and sometimes it didn't connect properly. It seems to be a well-known design flaw (from Googling).


  • My computer detected it when I connected it to the USB. However nothing happened. It still didn't charge. It's completely dead. The fact it was detected would point to it not being the USB at fault. I'm still waiting to hear back from Amazon. As I said before I barely used it in the first year and used it for less than 7 months this year but there's no way of proving that. Amazon said they might do out of warranty repair given circumstances but couldn't guarantee it so I'm waiting to hear back from them still.

  • It could be a dead battery. Hopefully Amazon will sort it out.


  • it it's in warranty period just get Amazon to sort it out

    don't bring it somewhere to get fixed

    go to them

  • I have it for a year and 7 months so it's out of warranty.

    I messaged them about it and said I was only really using it for the past 7 months as I barely used it in the first year. They said they may or may not be able to do an out of warranty exception and that they'd let me know in 5 days whether it would be accepted or not for repair. Those 5 days were up yesterday so I messaged customer service again and got through to an idiot and got kept waiting for over an hour with no information and had to give up as their chat had crashed. So I still don't know whether Amazon will agree to fix it or not. I play the waiting game for another day.

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  • “Roll it back”

  • I can't it's completely dead.

    I can't turn it on, charge it, do anything with it. I could hold buttons on it all day long and it would do nothing.

    It's completely dead.

  • Why do you think it's only 1 year warranty?

  • Exactly.

    My out of warranty exception got rejected. I had to wait for 15 days unnecessarily for nothing. They never emailed me to let me know or anything. I only found out after contacting chat. So their customer service is bad now, really bad. Anyway I recommend nobody buy a Fire HD 10 they're designed to fail. They are junk. I know I'm going to be avoiding also buying from Amazon as much as I can in the future. Their customer service is horrendous now.

  • Seriously I doubt Amazon are worried and you'll no doubt be buying off them again, probably by next week.

    But also you were disingenuous with your initial post - you had it over a year and a half.

    Sometimes you get unlucky with electronics - it happens

    Most people buy Fire Tablets as a cheap android tablet alternative but it's a bad option as the OS is completely centred around Amazon's ecosystem

    Even using the Fire tool remover thing it's a very poor solution

    Better off buying a decent tablet like the Samsung Tab A7 which is better in all respects (build quality, speakers, battery life, screen quality, cpu, operating system) and which can be had for under 200 euro

    best prices here

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  • I was happy with the Fire HD when it worked. It was fine. I had Google play store on it and it worked fine for me up til the point it turned into a brick I didn't really care about the ads. I wouldn't bother buying another tablet. I don't really need one I can get by fine without one. Didn't mean to be disingenuous I hadn't realised I hadn't mentioned that I had it for a year and 7 months in my first post. I only really used it for the 7 months. Anyway that's it . I might try opening it up as I've nothing to lose. Thanks anyway.

  • you could try going back to amazon saying that it's a 2 year warranty in the EU and that that is the conditions you bought it under, even if the UK is not in the EU anymore

    it's worth a shot

    just get onto webchat again on amazon and go from there and quote parts out of the link and be firm about it

    mention small claims court at the bitter end if they won't play ball (but then you would have to pay an assessment fee)

  • Thanks not a bad idea.

    I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

  • the magical phrase you have to mention in the email is "UK consumer law" (Not EU anymore for obvious reasons).

    The UK is 6 years for some electrical items - eg. those from Apple (link). so even better for buyers under their terms -

    But this warranty is from the seller, not manufacturer - so if the seller is not Amazon themselves the seller could drag his heels.

    “Roll it back”

  • I always thought the warranty was from the manufacturer.So.maybe Amazon are the manufacturer and seller in this case.I would expect a minimum warranty period of 2 years on electronic items.Still a good idea to remind Amazon of consumer law

  • Not out of warranty if you had it that long

    Edit - As mentioned.... loads... I just hadn't read everything. 😊

    No matter where it is from US, UK, EU it's still under warranty. They might try the same thing others try, where they don't mention that, and see if you do.

    But it is still well covered. That's without the whole inherent fault warranty.

  • Thanks not a bad idea.

    I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

  • I was onto chat so anyway that's resulted in another out of warranty exception, wait 15 days scenario.

    Thanks anyway guys.

    I'll update ye in 15 days or so on what happens then.

  • I don't know of that option "Out of warranty exception", but would that be why they are answering with those options? Yau are legally well within warranty, Unless you purchased it from amazon warehouse?

  • I bought it new directly from Amazon.

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  • I wouldn't even try the 'out of warranty exception'.

    I would contact them on chat and tell them that your tablet has stopped working under warranty. Forget any previous correspondence with them, and start a new one.

  • the web chat on amazon has changed - it tries to automate more stuff instead of putting you through to a human

    you can request a phone call to your registered number instead - that may be more effective

  • I was talking to a human but yes if I get screwed on this again which I reckon I will then I'll try the phone.

  • Thanks glasso and ozmo for the excellent advice here and thanks also to all the other posters here for their advice. Your advice worked guys I got my replacement tablet in the post from Amazon today.

    I'm delighted, it all worked out thanks to your help.

  • you might have even gotten an upgraded version as there was a Fire HD 10 refresh in May 2021

  • So i guess you'll take back what you said about Amazon customer service then eh?

    I think they are second to none. Excellent customer service.

  • It's very good but definitely not as accommodating as it used to be either.

  • Well I suppose I was lucky I got through to the right person in the chat in the end and mentioning consumer law and rights helped me I definitely think. Yes they're fine, most people won't have any problems with customer service. Mine was an unusual case.

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