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Hair do for wedding

  • 08-08-2021 10:53am
    Registered Users Posts: 75 ✭✭ Marymoore

    I’m a girl who never gets her hair done and need advice. My best friend is getting married and I’d love to get my hair done nice. What options are good for lightening or darkening my natural colour? Is the colour pop service any good? Also do I bring a photo of how I want my hair to look on the day or what?

    does anyone have any good ideas? Thanks


  • Just when you think the new Boards couldn't get any worse. I kept telling myself it'll be ok, at least the content will still be decent and then you see threads like this and all hope starts to fade away.

  • I'm not too sure what is wrong with this as a thread. Wedding hair dos are something we all wonder about at some time or other. At the moment I'm wondering about where I can get a niece piece of hair jewellery to wear in a loose up do for my cousin's wedding. To the OP I usuallyy google some looks for my hairdresser to show them what I'm looking for and then leave it to her

  • This is the fashion and appearance forum?

    I don’t post here myself , maybe look at the drivel you just posted and put 2 and 2 together to get why the content maybe going downhill in your opinion?

    or maybe put some decent content up yourself?

  • No need for this attitude and it is absolutely not in the spirit of this forum. Don't post here again unless you have anything valuable to add.

  • Sounds like you might be after two things here - a colour change, and a styling on the day of the wedding.

    Colouring can take hours so I wouldn't recommend getting it done the day of the wedding. Maybe in the two weeks leading up? Bringing a picture is a great way to get started, use it as a guide but remember if it's a major colour change you might not get it the way you want in just one session.

    My advice would be to book a consultation with a hairdresser and have a good chat about what you're looking for and they'll advise you from there. You could also chat to them then about what you want done for the wedding day.

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  • I’d second that - I’d go for a consultation in the hairdressers and ask if it’s possible to achieve the look you are going for (colour wise). While youre there you can also show them pics of hairstyles you really like - they will also let you know if it’s achievable. Don’t try to lighten your hair yourself or dye it if you don’t have experience in doing so because colour correction service is even more expensive than just having it done. Best of luck!

  • At the moment I'm wondering about where I can get a niece piece of hair jewellery to wear in a loose up do for my cousin's wedding. any suggestions very welcome