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    A nice surprise of a course today, with a messy start. Arriced late, ran up to see ballyk teeing off. Jumped on to the tee box & hit off, then we hear benny from behind...."why are ye hitting off the 12th tee box?" 😂😂😂

    We eventually found the first tee and got started. Castlecomer was a really interesting course, lots of blind tee shots, changes in elevation, elevated greens with tricky run offs.

    A 3-putt scratch on the 1st as well as the 18th, with ok golf in between.

    18 points out and 12 back. Drove the ball very poorly all day, but short game was in very good shape and got me out of trouble more often than not. Putter was very hit and miss, amd definitely left a few points out there on the greens.

    OffalyMedic picked up the win and played some lovely golf. Started slowly but had a great back 9. As per usual her driver game was fantastic which gave her a great platform to build from.

    Ballyk was steady from the start, with a run of 5s to give a good base. Lost a bit of steam around the turn and like myself struggled early in the back 9. He made some unreal putts though and recovered well from a few ropey tee shots.

    Didnt think there'd be many big scores in but was pleasantly surprised to finish 3rd.

    Enjoyed the day immensely again with boards, and weather gods were very kind to us.

    See ye in west Waterford in a couple of weeks

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    Delighted to make the round without the bad rain which unfortunately was the highlight of the day. Golf Gods deserted me as I depend on a low putt round and with tricky pins I simply had way too many putts to put a score together. The course itself is a great series of twists and turns with great variety but the transitions between holes for the first 13 holes are poor and reflect negatively on the round.

    Great company as usual with Snackbox20 and pakman with the Golfing Gods also looking elsewhere for them too although there was the odd super shot from time to time from the trio.

    Well done OffalyMedic on the win, another first podium finish for the EV crew⛑️

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    Well my day unfortunately started with me running late so apologies to captain and the guys I was supposed to be out with as I had to request a little reshuffle to the time sheet. Great to see a few new regulars now in the society especially after the crap couple of years we’ve had. Hopefully next year will be Evan better! I ended up in the last group with captain, benny79 & charlieIRL . 3 great guys who I know quite well by now and as usual a great bit of craic and banter was had during our round.

    I enjoyed the course but just as slave mentioned above I did say one of the lads that the transition between a few holes was poor (thought I wouldn’t go as far to say as the first 13). The course was very enjoyable and as we were told really is a bit of a hidden gem and super value. The front 9 was particularly nice with every hole being isolated from the rest of the course. A few crossovers on tee boxes around the turn might make for a bit of danger! Conditions were good, greens were nice, rolled true and speedy enough. Found a few bare patches and really bad lies in places I didn’t deserve beside greens and on fairways. Some of which cost me

    my game has been hit and miss lately, mostly miss, playing reasonably ok but just not scoring well with a few Hail Marys. Yesterday was no different. Started with a lucky par after racing my first putt from the front edge off the back. Pulled my tee shot deep into the trees on the second hole and scratched that but another long par putt drained on the 3rd had me back in the game. Solid bogey on 4 and was unlucky my par putt didn’t drop on 5. Not really sure how I lost my drive on 6 but saved a point by parring the second ball with a tricky downhill breaking 7 footer. The putter is starting to work again and after making a bags of my approach and chip on 7 a 25 footer again shaved hole. Normal service resumed on 9 missing an 18 inch tap in!

    lately I find I’m coming up out of the shot to early a lot of the time and blading the ball. From prime position on 10 with only a flick into the green I found myself playing a provisional after doing it again. Of course that finished 10 foot from the hole ! Lucky my original ball came up about a yard short of the muck and this time I did keep the head down and played a nice approach to about 8 foot. Misread this one and it slipped just past. After playing a nice chip from a terrible lie on the 11th I missed another 2 foot putt! I probably should’ve had my best hole on 12 being 20 yards short in 2 but an awful lie and I airmailed the green……… then got on, only to 3putt……. Sliced my drive on 13 into the donkey field, parred with second ball to save a point. Chipped in for par on 14 after duffing a handy chip about 2 meters. A poor tee shot high and left on 15 left me a very tricky approach and I did well to bogey. Parred the next 2 with another great putt from 20+ feet and chipping to 8 inches. Green side again in 2 on the par 5 18th and I made sure I was putting for birdie………. Just about though, I was on the apron with a downhill putt and the bunker ready to pounce on anything hit slightly to hard. Dead and centre…… boo…….. arrghhhhhh. A tiny little stone knocked the ball off course about a foot out from the hole . A par to finish so and 33 points. Didn’t think I’d feature let alone be beaten on the back 9. Feel like I left it out there with a few simple mistakes but I guess medic was probably the same. Well done on another win OffalyMedic.

    Happy enough though with my game and the best score I’ve had in a while now. i was very happy to finally make a few putts yesterday although still a few ropey ones it was better than it has been. The driver has been working well lately but again a few sloppy ones still ruining my card. I feel a good one coming.

    lots on over the next few weeks so not sure I’ll make Waterford. Fingers crossed for Captains and just hoping the communion gods don’t shine for my 10 year old on the wrong weekend in September

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    One of the biggest variations between front 9 and back 9 in any course i've ever played. Pretty sure i'll look back and think i played two different courses that day. Some cool looking holes on the back 9, and the 10th tee was utter madness 😄 Back 9 was fairly standard parkland stuff after that, but in great condition and enjoyable to play. The golf itself was pretty shocking for me, and i seemed to get every bad roll of the ball/bad lie possible. Driving was very erratic again, i was punished on way too many holes.

    Cheers to boccey23 and Concerned2 for the round, great company as always. Sorry i had to shoot off immediately as well...wanted to start the drive back to Kerry asap.

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    Congrats Offaly medic and well deserved with recent form, Also thanks to my 2 playing partners rainbow warrior and golf nut for a no fuss just play golf kind of day 👍

    I started off finding every hidden stream , trees etc on the front 9 so came up with a poor 8 points after 9… I just kept the head down and stuck to what I’m doing to improve my game and ended up coming back with 19points. My driving is good most of the time so the approach shots and chipping around the green is where I’m losing all points. Hopefully I can sharpen it for the captains prize as I feel there is a great round in there coming soon!!

    The course itself was a real find, thanks captain!as I knew nothing about it coming in , I found it a real thinking course not just stand up and bang Out in front of you…some great par 3’s and the quarry hole was very unique definetly 1 to remember. I got a few good pics on the day aswell and I will have to revisit Castlecomer….

    Mabye we can put a few cork and limerick lads in the same groups next outing for the banter aswell before the All Ireland 👀👀😂

    See ye all in West Waterford


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    Congratulations Shauna on a great win Saturday on what I thought was a very interesting course. It was definitely a golf course that put manners on you, and I should definitely have taken my penance on the 9th and picked up after 7 but persisted to finish out of the builders yard and notch a 12. Castlecomer has a number of signature holes notably 8 and 13. Finished my round on 24 points, it was a battle. Had the pleasure of playing again with Pakman and fir the first time with Slave1. Pakman you were bombing your driver and Slave1 you have great shot control getting the ball to stop so well on the greens.

    Speaking of longest drive 🤣🤣, pipped by Captain with an assist by a tree 🤣🤣, well deserved. I won't be able to make West Waterford as I am on holiday up country, is it allowed that I am playing an open singles Thursday week in Enniscrone, I looked at the course and went 😲, there are lots of dunes.

    Enjoy West Waterford folks and hopefully see ye for captain's.

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    This was a nine hole course up until the noughties. When it was extended. Back in the day it was considered the best 9 hole course in the country