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Best sounding sportspeople's names by nationality

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    Inspired to set this up by another thread that went slightly off topic but what are the most memorable sportsperson's names, in terms of how they sound rather than the prowess of their owners, by nationality?

    A homage to Diego Maradona got side tracked by people trying to outdo each other in terms of great sounding names (most of them German or Argentinian) down through the years.

    So, for all sports in general, what are the top three most memorable names by nationality of sports people we have known?


    I'll start off with Germany

    5 Hans Gunter Winkler (equestrian)
    4 Pierre Littbarski (football)
    3 Sebastian Schweinsteiger (football)
    2 Alwin Schockemoehle (equestrian)
    1 Hans Georg Schwarzenbeck (football)

    OK that's five but there's loads more and I can't narrow it down any more.

    Argentina (all football)
    3 Diego Armando Maradona
    2 Alberto Tarantini
    1 Gabriel Batistuta

    3 Fergus Slattery (rugby)
    2 Noodie Hughes (Football)
    1 Eddie Leddy (Athletics)

    Holland (all football)
    3 Rene Van De Kerkhoff
    2 Rob Rensenbrink
    1 Jan Venigoor of Hesselink

    Also I don't know much about Swiss or Austrian sports people but you'd have to include Franz Klammer (skiing) for the latter and Clay Regazzoni for the former.