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  • Is he paid for it though? Was watching an American Youtuber that reviews gear and in one video talked about the 'rate' that youtubers charge to give positive reviews. He was saying that he wasn't interested in doing it for money and giving biased reviews. I noticed that Simon did a lot of kit reviews and so now I'm suspicious of anyone doing these videos. ;)

  • He could well be getting paid for them but he at least has made kit for bush work such as his canteen lid or his hobo stoves in his workshop and has field tested them against professionally made kit. Compared to many of the American bushpacking videos, his videos are easy to watch. No railing about survival or bugging out or end of days....

  • A website I'm currently enjoying randomly clicking on its links and wandering around the site. Some great info and some good laughs to be had (in a cynical sort of way :)) Just so you know this is a sort of theme that runs through the site
    Preppers should own an NBC gas mask, preferably U.S. made to
    not only help make America great again, but to assure you of
    American standards.
    Just so you know its an American site ;)

  • Had a bit of a flick around there, some good information on it to be fair! Their list of 37 prepper essentials is good and would be a good starting point for most