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less boring content

  • 16-11-2019 11:03pm
    Registered Users Posts: 539 ✭✭✭ bertsmom

    I'm only on instagram about a year and I'm not completely au fait with it however I think its a great platform for following hobbies ie I love interiors and fashion and beauty.
    I'm kind of not in the loop in the irish celebrities or bloggers tho (is that what its called on instagram?) Anyway most of the people I follow were recommended to me by friends or the ladies at work. My question is are there any good instagrammers from Ireland that review fashion and or beauty?
    I really like Sineads curvy style as she shows a lot of products and tells price and says what size etc and she keeps it light and product focused also like Lisa Jordan for the clothes and a bit of beauty. I used to like FacesbyGrace but in the last few months I find her tedious and just rambling time filler about her kids or how she feels tired etc she rarely properly reviews a product or item of clothing its all become a monotone list of the hours her kids are awake at night and how she needs mammy time etc.
    Im going to unfollow her as its just a bit boring watching her going on about it BUT is there any more irish women with accounts like scs or jen Morris etc I like beauty and clothing reviews and someone who's lighthearted and to the point can anyone recommend a few to follow to fill the space instead of the Grace ones monologues?


  • The Beautiful Truth and Lovely Girlie Bits are great for honest make up reviews, and Sinead from The Beautiful Truth has been doing a bit of fashion recently. Both seem like very nice, down to earth women. I love Dainty Dress Diaries for her DIY and crafting. Her house (although way too girly for me!) is like a show home!

  • Loveinapril thanks a mill, that's totally what I was looking for! Im liking lovelygirlybits a lot and im off now to check out the rest.

  • A little follow up because now I feel I might have been a little harsh on Facesbygrace as its half three in the morning I can't sleep and ive watched her last thingy put on instagram and she showed herself getting ready to go somewhere and did a really nice hair and makeup tutorial which was great, showed the products used and how she applied etc and how to do a dutch braid.
    Enjoyed that very much just wish she did more of that and less of the documenting of her kids sleep patterns and every sniffle and emotion she feels but overall thought her last bit was A1!