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Where is the best place to look for an indie game developer/programmer?

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    Wondering what is the best site to look for an indie developer/programmer for a small paid project? Looking for someone who could easily put together a 2D side scrolling shooter in the engine/language of their choice.



  • I don't know if there is a "best" site. Specific engines have their own forums where you'd have people familiar with them and capable of some development skills. There are a few generic game development forums like or generic developers might reside but all of these are just for hobbyists really.

    If you're looking for a legitimate contractor, maybe something like might do the job? Or if you're looking for someone local, maybe target the universities that have game dev courses? 4th year students would certainly be capable of helping with this

  • I'd love to take a crack at it myself but I don't really have enough experience for a paid gig! ;)

    Its a closed group (so you'd have to ask to enter) but the Irish Gamedev group on facebook has a fair amount to traffic and it might be worth asking there.

  • Thanks for the reply lads. I have engaged with a greek guy who is going to put a small demo in game maker, and I'll take it from there.

    Dr. Bob - experience is not what I'm looking for, it would be more skill and willing to learn. I'd be more happy with someone who is looking to work with me to produce a small scale game that I want to release and everybody gains experience in the process. I am willing to pay a small fee to the person, because I don't believe in people using their skills for free. Would you have the confidence to develop a 5 level 2D side scrolling shoot em up?.

  • I'm a freelancer on Upwork myself so I would second RedXIV's mention of it. Lot's of people on the lookout for programmers, designers, artists, writers, whatever you may need. No harm signing up as an employer and putting your task out there to see if anyone would join (along with your fee/proposal).