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Knee trouble

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    Hi, not sure if this is the right forum, I started cycling about 4 years ago , changed to a racer 2 years ago with clipped pedals and usually do 60-80k twice a week now,I changed to clipless and cleats 3 weeks ago,and after my first ride 80k my right knee now has fluid on it ,is this from the ride which had some harder than usual climbs or wrongly fitted cleats on my new shoes? Any ideas from experienced riders?


  • Mods feel free to intervene!

    If it persists consider medical intervention-maybe you have already on the basis of your fluid comments.

    In general if your cadence is too low it puts extra pressure on the knees especially climbing. Any change on this?

    Always look to see what has changed!
    Pressure points will have moved due to your pedal change.
    A professional bike fit will help find the optimum cleat position.

    Every year when I switch from summer bike to winter bike I experience knee discomfort!

  • MOD VOICE: Unfortunately since it is may be medical rather than comfort, it is time to seek a doctor or a bike fit. The latter may get your cleats in the right position and possibly eliminate them as the cause or even bring relief, the former will be far safer than asking the internet. Sorry.

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