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Publishing - review articles?

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    Myself and a fellow researcher are putting together a review article which is primarily aimed for in-house distribution - it's a niche area of research, that moves soooo slow and it should really help anyone following our footsteps in gaining an understanding of the broad range of sciences involved in our field, in a shorter time than it has taken for me - 18 months but who's counting....

    Given that we've put this together from publicly accessible papers, is publication a possibility? I'm under the impression that this is usually done on an 'invite-only' bases.


  • The standard answer for questions like this is that it depends.

    A systematic review is methodology used to review and summarise published articles (I'm grossly simplifying here). If your article is written as a systematic review, and if the main journals in your area accept such articles, then you may get it published.

  • To add to what Tom Dunne has said regarding systematic reviews, even if you've completed this more in the style of a narrative review, it may be possible to publish it. The main factor in determining this is the journals I'm your field and whether they accept submissions of narrative/systematic reviews.

  • Take a look at the scholarly journals you wish to publish in. Do you find review articles or not? One type of article you may consider is a meta-analysis, where you examine, compare, and contrast the data and results of those articles that empirically examine a specific research problem.