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Whither Ethos?


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  • Ok, I meant to explain this better to be honest.

    Firstly the idea for the naming convention came to me after a chat with Fergus Cassidy who writes for the Sunday Tribune and has his own website over at

    Ethos was art of debating on the merits of the strength of your character and reputation. Something I've done before and which clearly Fergus is doing.

    He's agreed to mod/judge the debates with me and we are going to have a third subject-dependant mod for each debate. (at least thats the current thinking).

    So I guess the Ethos is in the judging panel, though I am also keen to have a Vulgur Mobile (the practise of appealing to the crowd!) and have a public poll after each debate.


  • Your structure for Logos and Pathos make perfect sense. I believe there is room for an Ethos forum as well. Perhaps 6 people selected for a period of 6 months with write access to comment on the debate, everyone else having read access. I can think of a good number of people from a cross section of fora who would be perfect to give solid opinions. These more considered opinions will easily be lost in the noise of Pathos.

    On the other hand perhaps 3 fora would be one too many.